Sunday, 8 December 2013

Day 276

Well it was the invasion of Primark bags in our town centre yesterday. We now have our very own Primark store. Newly opened this week. All you could see in the crowds of Christmas shoppers was Primark bags. Nearly everyone had one, two or even ten of these brown paper bags. Town was heaving already with Christmas shoppers and the grand new opening of Primark I think made town even busier. It was packed!

We usually walk into town but we had decided to take the car. Now parking was difficult, there was no parking spaces anywhere and now on the local retail park you can only park there if you are only shopping at the retail park or you risk being fined one hundred pounds! Why they do not just have a parking charge like ASDA I don't know. 

Almost giving up on the parking and by now been prepared to head back home with the car and to walk back into town luckily at the last moment we found a space. But next time I am walking, dear Reader. It was like going on a mountain expedition! Pushing through the crowds and tackling the queues! I did not even make it into the famous store as the image of sardines packed in a tin came to mind!

Evening all x x x

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