Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Day 52

A lovely sunny day, here today, dear Reader. I went for a nice long walk. I really enjoy walking. Stopped off at the doctors to get something for yet another allergic reaction. The doctor I saw did not seem to know a lot about allergies and when I came out of the doctors I never thought to check my prescription and when I got to the chemist I found that the doctor had not given me everything I need to get rid off the pesky allergy. So it looks like it might have been a wasted journey and that I will have to go back. So not too happy and I don't think I will go see that doctor again.

I called also and bought myself some new crop pants, madness I know, dear Reader. A little bit of sunshine and I go and buy new crop pants and we all know it could be the only bit of sunshine we get for the next few weeks!

Miss C did some cooking at school today, some lovely fruit gateau that were really nice, so nice I am buying her more ingredients so she can make another batch.

Well that long walk as given me a lot of energy and I am now off to the gym. I might even consider a swim but the thought of the pool being too cold is putting me off, so I will stick with the gym. Got to work the gateau off!!

Evening all x x x

Monday, 29 April 2013

Day 51

Dear Reader, on the news today was a murder mystery weekend; two people really got murdered. Reads like something from Inspector Morse doesn't it dear Reader? But sadly it is a true story. It happened in a hotel in Essex. The bodies of a man in his thirties and a woman in her twenties were found in the swimming pool.  Police are now investigating to see why these people ended up dead in the pool. It's always sad when people lose their lives in such tragic circumstances and it will be interesting to see what the conclusion is to this mystery. The trouble is that the news reports show things that happened but rarely show you the outcome from these mysteries. I hope they find out what happened for the families of the victims.

Speaking of television shows, I am hooked on watching all the crime and mystery programmes and there are so many on at the moment aren't there, dear Reader? CSI; CSI New York (Not sure why they got rid of CSI Miami) Bones, Elementary; The Mentalist and more. I have just started watching Jonathan Creek from the beginning. They are popular these kind of shows too. I watch them because I like to solve the mystery. I am usually wrong!  The clues are always there right in front of you too. It's always the last twist at the end that throws you. But it is entertaining television and it makes the ironing go by a lot faster!

Now to solve the mystery of what to cook for dinner!

Could this be a case for the one and only?

Evening all x x x

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day 50

Join me today, dear Reader, as we celebrate. It is fifty days since I turned thirty-nine! I should make a speech about this life changing event and all about what I have learnt and achieved over the last fifty days. But this is real life dear Reader and apart from meeting and chatting with Gary Barlow in the last fifty days, nothing much as happened as it? You can see when I met Gary Barlow in Day 40

I am finally making a full recovery from my allergic reaction. The discovery of Aveeno Oatmeal products has been a BIG help. Hopefully soon all my skin will be back to normal. It is like going through the Gestapo trying to buy hydrocortisone cream. Honestly. I have felt like some kind of druggie over the past few months purchasing this mild steroid cream. 
"Where are you going to put it?" You know not to use it for more than seven days? Don't put it on the face. You know it causes your skin to thin?"  How echoed out to me these were for over the last twelve months. Boots has been the worst because they first sold me the cream on three for two, then they tried to tell me I had never bought three of them there at once. This is because they are only allowed to sell one at a time. (I mentioned this in Day 21) telling me I must be mistaken and purchased some other three for two offer. (I now go to Superdrug--cheaper too!) 

Even when I clearly tell these pharmacist assistants exactly what the specialists in my condition have advised me to do about my skin, they still stick to their script. Shock, horror if I tell them my dermatologist has advised me to use the said cream twice a week--even if I don't have any broken rashy skin to help keep my skin moisturised and keep my symptoms under control. The best experience I had was the girl at the pharmacist in ASDA, when she asked me if I knew what I was doing with said cream. I said 
"Yes, I have been using it for years." Meaning I obviously only used it when my skin was bad. To be told by her 
"Really because you know you are suppose to have a break after five days?" Again better not tell her about the new twice a week regime given to me and the fact it is on my repeat prescription but it is cheaper to buy.  

Those that refused to sell me said cream,are more than happy to sell me their other products even though I am probably allergic to them and this could cause me more harm than said cream ever could. I know they are only doing their jobs and being helpful, but it is no fun when you are standing waiting with an uncomfortable itchy allergy rash and you are doing your best to get it under control before your eyes and face swell. If I don't get it sorted soon I will be put back on powerful steroids. So by not selling me said cream dear pharmacist assistants you are doing me more harm than good. I AM THIRTY-NINE YEARS OLD AND I KNOW MY OWN BODY! Oh and can I have a packet of throaties and this whistling lolly too please?

Such a small cream and yet such a big hassle to buy...

These are what I found to be the best...

Evening all x x x

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Day 49

I was going to leave it a while before I did another cat story, dear Reader, but as you do seem to like them I will share another. Another cat we had was a cat called Skittles. Not quite sure how or why we named the cat Skittles dear Reader. Skittles the cat came into my life via my grandparents who were at the time living in Castleford and I first met Skittles on their coal bunker where my grandmother had put out some food for this stray tabby cat. Well I think it was a tabby, dear Reader, so we will go along with that.

I'm not quite sure how Skittles made the journey from Castleford to our house in Batley. I had become attached to this stray so I am presuming it was decided that I should take the cat. My gran was much more of a dog person.(I mentioned this in Day 48) Anyway Skittles was safe and sound in Batley, but not for long...

One day Skittles was not looking too good and seemed to be in a lot of pain, so my Ma knew at once what the problem was. Skittles was about to have kittens and was having a very bad labour. So she decided to get a neighbour to take Skittles and her to the vet. Skittles was in that much pain that a laundry basket was the mode of transport to put the cat in the car ( no fancy pet carriers back then). Once at the vets my Ma explained to the vet what was occurring. The vet quickly examined Skittles and turned and said to my Ma, "Mrs T your cat is not having kittens." 
"Are you sure?" Asks my Ma. 
"I am certain Mrs T" said the Vet. 
"How do you know?" said my Ma. 
"Well Mrs T you see, the problem is... Skittles is a TOM CAT!"
It turned out that Skittles had actually broken his tail. No not that one dear Reader, which would have given Ma the perfect excuse for her mix up.

It was not long before Skittles made another trip to the vets. This time he had been asleep under a car and not woken up or got stuck and ended up getting himself run over, but don't worry dear Reader, cats have nine lives so luckily so he was okay... well apart from that he had to have a special breathing pipe fitted that made him sound like Darth Vader. But with Star Wars being popular at the time he became a very popular cat.

Evening all x x x

Friday, 26 April 2013

Day 48

The teens had an inset day today dear Reader, and I was shocked to see Miss C up bright and early at eight am this morning. Usually it is a stressful job getting her up and ready for school in time and today the day she could have lie in, she was up and about and in a good mood too. Amazing. I asked her if she wanted to go into town and she said yes. So a big pile of ironing and two episodes of Jonathan Creek later and she is still not dressed and was saying 
"I can't be bothered." So apart from me discovering just how good Jonathan Creek is not much happened today dear Reader.

I am going to have to hit the books, dear Reader, my read and review pile is huge. I love my job. It is such a rewarding job and you never know what you will be reading next. You learn so much from reading many books too. I think you learn something new from every book we read. They say never judge a book by its cover and that is so true, through my job I have read and enjoyed many a book that I would never have selected if I had chose my own read.

My love of reading came to me through a great-aunt who we called Nanny. She was called Nanny because when we were small she always gave us bananas and I could not say banana--it would come out nanny, so the name stuck. She was always Nanny to all the children in the family. A great name for such a kind and wonderful lady, who although passed away when I was just aged eleven gave me many happy memories. Nanny would buy me Enid Blyton books every Christmas and birthday. I was mesmerised by 'The Faraway Tree' and could not get enough of Moonface and the gang.  I ended up with quite a collection of these fantastic books and as I got older went on to 'Malory Towers', 'Famous Five' and 'Secret Seven.'

My parents also use to buy us Storyteller when we were children. Do you remember Storyteller dear Reader? For those that don't it was a wonderful, colourful magazine filled with fabulous stories and poems. It came with a cassette that had actors reading the stories and you could read along with the tape. Some of the stories were short but some of them were told in parts and continued in the next issue. One of the stories told in each issue was Gobbolino the Witch's Cat. I loved that story. It became the highlight of getting Storyteller, to find out what would happen next in the Gobbolino story. I liked it that much that for my ninth birthday I asked for a cat just like Gobbolino. So I could name my cat Gobbolino. Well for you that know the story, you will know this will have been a difficult job for my parents. I am sure you will remember, dear Reader, the Gobbolino was a black cat with one white paw. So what a  job my parents must have had trying to find a black cat with one white paw! Anyway they could not find one, but on my ninth birthday I was given a beautiful all black cat. 

As it happens my cat Gobbolino must have had quite an adventure just like his name sake, because one day dear Reader he just disappeared. I was not worried at first because when we had got him he was a cat that could take care of himself. Once when my Grandparents had visited with her two dogs, Gobbolino had sprung into action pinning my poor Gran and her two large dogs against the wall; unable to move as he spat and hissed at them. When we went to the local Salvation Army to do activities like Sunday school and Brownies etc Gobbolino would walk with us, not next to us like a dog, but along the wall sometimes or out of sight... but you knew he was there. He would make appearances on the walk down and wait while we had finished and then he would walk back up with us. So he was a cat more than capable of looking after himself.

We searched everywhere for him, and there was no sign. Eventually we gave up, thinking we would never see him again... until one day, it must have been over twelve months since he went missing and there he was dear Reader! When we got up one morning he was sat like he always did on the doorstep waiting to come in! Like nothing had happened. If only cats could talk, dear Reader, and he could tell us exactly where he had been. But to this day it is a mystery.

Now I told you dear Reader, that my parents must have looked really hard for a cat all black with one white paw, but while in ASDA car park last week guess what I saw? Yes, a black cat with one white paw! I wonder if they had named it Gobbolino?

Evening all x x x

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Day 47

Busy day today, dear Reader, had a book to help launch today and then I had a nice lunch with the Hubby in a Chinese restaurant and did some shopping. Then I did the supermarket shop and I was in the very last aisle (I had only a couple more things to add to the trolley) when the fire alarm went off we were all evacuated out of the supermarket. This is the second time this has happened to me at the same supermarket. How weird is it that that was also in the the very same aisle when the fire alarm went off too? The last time it was one of the fridges that had caught fire and we actually saw fire and smoke as we were evacuated No idea what happened really I did not see any fire or see or smell any smoke this time but the fire brigade came and we were all let back in after about five minutes. Last time we waited so long we just gave up and went home leaving our shopping. Still, the main thing is that it wasn't anything serious and no one got hurt.

Here are some pictures:

The shopping trolley before we were evacuated

Everyone evacuated from the supermarket

Fire truck arriving
Fire engine

Fireman preparing to go inside

Morrisons staff going back to work

And after all that excitement it was back to the trolley...
Evening all x x x

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Day 46

Let's talk about grey hairs today dear Reader.  A few years ago  at age thirty-four I noticed my first grey hair. Back then B.A (Before allergy) I got dye for my hair so when they started to come through thicker and faster, I hit the bleach. Now they seem to have slowed down coming through and I am glad because there is nothing I can do about them anymore, due to me being allergic to almost all hair dying products. I know I have a few grey hairs because last week I saw a friend who is slightly older than my thirty-nine years and she said 
"Hi, I like your highlights. they really bring out the blue in your eyes." Now this puzzled me dear Reader, I have not had any highlights in my hair now for over a year now with my allergy. I should have seen the clue, dear Reader when my friend said she was going to Spec-Savers for an eye test. You see it was my very few grey hairs that she must have been referring to and to bring the colour out in my eyes... well my eyes are a grey blue! I don't think my friend was being mean or sarcastic in anyway, I do think she did thought they were highlights in my brunette hair.

I have only ever had one mishap involving a hairdresser, dear Reader it was when I was in my late twenties. I had a really good hairdresser from my hometown, but after having the children it got more and more difficult to make the journey home. So I decided to get a mobile hairdresser from the town we now live in. At the time I had blonde highlights in my hair and my hair was really long. It was in beautiful condition and to this day it was the best my hair ever was. Anyway the new hairdresser was to put some more highlights in my hair.  So she came and did this and at first it seemed to be okay. I first noticed there was a problem when I could not get the brush through my hair and when I did brush it big chunks would come out. It just didn't look right after I washed it it was just like rats tails hanging down. It was a mess. I had no choice but to wait until I could get my friend from my hometown to look at what was going on.

It turns on this mobile hairdresser must have left the cap with the dye on far too long and seriously damaged my hair and worse was to come, my friend told me that I would have to have my beautiful good conditioned hair chopped shorter and worse I would have to grow it out and go back brown. I could have cried dear Reader. My beautiful hair, dear Reader, it was going going gone.

It was a long time until I would trust a new hair dresser to dye my hair. When I tried to re-grow it long it was never the same again.  Then when the grey hairs said hello, I remember my gran saying 
"Don't pluck them or loads more will grow back." So  I coloured my hair instead. Now at age thirty-nine I know and have learnt that there are far more worse things to worry about than a few grey hairs.

Evening all x x x

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Day 45

Dear Reader, it has been on the news that they are looking for people to go live on Mars. Mars, imagine that? I mean is it even possible to live on Mars? I wish I had paid more attention at school in Science. Could you do it dear Reader? I think it is a hoax to be honest, I thought it would be too hot to live there and no atmosphere would be a problem for breathing wouldn't it? They say they are going to televise it too, like some mega Big Brother show.  Imagine if you got there and you didn't like it, you could not just walk out could you there are not any: cars, buses and planes to get you out of there. A television producer's dream for good television. 

Reality TV gone bonkers. This is apparently going to happen in 2023. I would need that long to decide what to pack. I mean what do you pack to wear on Mars? I wonder if they do the space suits in a plush pink. I might be tempted then. It also said that they would give you eight years training. Eight years training to do what? We are educated on Earth for as long as we are at school, because we live on quite a complicated planet with lots going on. But on Mars I should think it would be only a case of remembering to put on the space suit when you go out or you will fry and let's face it dear Reader you are not going to forget that are you?

The main reason I would not go is I like my home comforts too much. I would miss my: family, friends, telly, shopping and eating out. I  just think there would not be any hot water would there? Imagine that you are on one of the hottest planets and you have no hot water.

I think I will stick to Scarborough thank you very much :)

Evening all x x x

Monday, 22 April 2013

Day 44

Monday, Monday, dear Reader. The start of a brand new week. The end of the weekend. The... lets crack on shall we dear Reader. Well Mr L finally got his letter from the National Insurance to sort out his number, only to find that they had sent him the wrong form out! So we are back to square one to trying to sort it out.

Speaking of sending the wrong forms out this use to happen a lot at my teens primary school. I had gone in the school to make a complaint. I hate complaining dear Reader, but trust me in this case I had good cause to complain. It was not long before I saw a difference in the way the school secretary treated me. You know that they have a kind of policy where every parent is treated equal, well scrap that idea, because I became her public enemy number one.

You know you can tell can't you when someone just does not like you? Well it was like that. She would become very argumentative with me over the silliest of things. In the case of the complaint my child had been the victim and it was like she was trying to turn us into the bad guys, while the persons we had complaint about was made to be good. I once went into the school office to hand in Miss C parents evening reply slip and she snatched it out of my hand. Scribbled the name of my daughters class teacher off that I  had addressed the letter to and said "This letter will have to go to the head teacher" It was just  slip of paper with a tick in the box that said that we would be attending.

Then it started my children did not get important letters home. Then when we requested the letters, the wrong ones were always sent out. Then she argued with me about an incident that happened with one of my children when it had been recorded down what happened had actually happened. I use to avoid going into the office it was so uncomfortable. Many people had said to me I should sue the school for the incident that happened in school to my child. But I had thought I will go in talk to them and try and sort it out with the school. I had made it known how unhappy I was with the situation that happened and things that had happened since then.  I had a fair point to put across. But now I was facing the wrath of the school secretary.

I avoided going into the office and any communication I had with the school was done through e mail. Which they strangely never got. I should point out the school head teacher had been quite reasonable and so had my children's form teachers. But the Secretary BIG problem. When she accused us of not paying for a school trip and I was made to take in a bank statement showing that the money had indeed been taken our bank account, that was the final straw for me and I decided if anything needed a parent going into school I would send the hubby in.

We did not have to wait long before the next problem. One of my children was about to make the transition to high school and we had not got the letter with the dates of  the visits to the high school. So I sent the hubby in. I had thought it might be me that was the problem, that maybe I was imagining it as she seemed really nice and pleasant to every one else. But when the hubby arrived back, he told me I know how you feel, she does have a problem with us. He then went on to tell me that when he had politely requested the letter, she had told him that there was not any left. So the hubby had again politely told her that we really needed the dates on the letter. To which she shrugged her shoulders and turned to a teacher in the office and asked her to check her class room to see if she had any left. The teacher had come back and said no there was not any. So hubby was told no letters left.  So we did not know these dates for our child to visit the high school so what could we do? We could not let our child miss such an important time. So we called the high school. The high school said why did she just not print you a copy off the computer? So we explained, the high school were very good about it and emailed us the dates.

 As soon as we had another problem, we removed the children from the school and they are now both happier. But sometimes you have to complain and stand up when things are not right. You can expect a few cross words but crossed letters ???

Evening all x x x

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Day 43

Dear Reader it was a beautiful day, apart from the rain the sun is shining.  Yesterday it was a lovely sunny day and do you know what dear Reader? I have discovered something new about sunny days. The lawn mowers come out. It is all you hear people cutting their grass and then you see them heading to the garden centre buying nice things to spruce the garden up. They were flocking into Home Base yesterday with their trolleys putting lots of different things in for the garden.

Up until my allergies got bad, I always use to be the one who mowed the lawn in this household. I used to be a bit afraid of the lawn mower to tell the truth. I was terrified I might run over the wire. It to me was like operating a motorbike. But I overcome my fear and got on with it.  I overcame the lawn mower fear only to face another one... my neighbour!

Every time I would go out to mow my front lawn, she would come out, not in a friendly how do you do kind of way, but in a pacing folding arms kind of way. Looking really angry. No reason at all, I was just cutting my grass and nowhere near her garden. But no she would wait until I locked eye contact with her and then she would start accusing me of going over two inches on to her side of garden. Even though there is actually a concrete path that separates her garden from mine.  That was all it was about dear Reader, always started and accusing me of going over the two inches. Which I never did. This started to happen every time I tried to do my garden. She was like a rottweiler guarding her territory. 

I soon learnt to go out wearing head phones whilst I was cutting the grass with my back to her property. These are all privately owned homes, and we all take a real pride in our properties and do our best to get on with all our neighbours--it is a friendly little cul-de-sac.  With that in mind and that she is an older woman, I never answered her back or got into an argument. I took my school girl tell off on the chin and I went back inside only going back out to finish once she went back in. I soon learnt she went out most Sunday afternoons for a hour, so that was when I was like Greased Lightning whizzing out cutting the grass to get it all done while she was out. It become something of a joke in our house.

Then one day my son Master L luckily was not in his loft bed at the time, when his ceiling collapsed and completely fell down leaving a big hole and lots of foam and insulation  all over his bed. When I say big, I mean a huge gaping hole. It was a mess. Like I say luckily he was not in his bed or it could have been a much more serious incident. Anyway the hubby and I had no idea what the hell had happened, I even went to my problem neighbour to check she was OK and that her property had not suffered the same fate. She was fine and there was no damage.

We have never claimed off the insurance before, but thought surely whatever has caused this the insurance will pay out. Anyway do you know what the problem was that caused it, dear Reader? After the insurance company investigated what had caused such a thing to happen? Only said neighbour's ivy. That had not only started to climb up my wall but had grown all on our roof and when it had rained the ivy had got heavier and heavier until it had got too heavy and fallen through my roof and Master L's ceiling. The insurance company did not see it as their problem. That we could not claim because it was my neighbour who had caused the damaged. However after much wrangling between them and us they did agree to fixing the ceiling (the cheaper job) We were left looking at a roof repair bill of a thousand pounds. We also had to get the roof repaired first before they could fix the ceiling. While it was all getting sorted we had to remove what we could from Master L's room and place buckets in the room, for when it rained it would leak straight through the gaping hole.

We thought of going through court to get the money for the damage that we had on our hands from our neighbour, but this would take time and she was not the most reasonable of people to sort things out with was she? So in the end we paid the bill ourselves and got it sorted. Saving ourselves a lot of stress I feel.

So the next time I went out to do the grass, she was there and she was bold as anything pacing and starting her usually complaining about me going over onto her grass by the two inches. So I said to her 
"You have no right to complain to me anymore. You lost your right when your ivy grew on my house and caused my ceiling to collapse. And if you ever complain at me again I can still claim my money back through the courts." Of course she tried to argue, but again respecting that she was older I went inside. 

She never came out to complain at me again for going over two inches. When our shared fence was damaged and needed repairing. we paid for a new one and never asked her for half the money and do you know what dear Reader, sometimes it is worth paying all that money to get a bit of peace and quiet and no stress. Our gardens at the front are all open plan but I am now tempted to put a fence around our property at the front too. She now has no power to tell me off for anything and she can stick her two inches up her rose berry bush.

Evening all x x x

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Day 42

Dear Reader, I have invested in some jeggins. This is not to look like a super cool thirty-nine year old, but as a safe guard with my allergy to nickel. Not only did I learn the hard way (by having another big allergic reaction) that as well as the paint, which would form a protective layer over the nickel, can wash off on my bra hooks this has also being happening with the zips in my trousers that were painted too. There is a trick of painting the zips with clear nail varnish but I have decided because of just how bad my allergy gets that the best thing is to go zip free. So that is why I am trying jeggins.

I knew I had quite a lot of cropped pants for the warmer weather, but they all had to go because most had nickel on them--lots were denim style ones too. I loved my cropped pants and when I was sorting them for the charity bag, I had quite a collection which went over fifty pairs! All had to go. This is because I am not taking any chances with zips again.

I cannot wait to see my teenager Miss C's face when I wear them, they think that because we are a certain age that some clothes are a no no for us. I remember when I was a child that older people never wore jeans etc. One of my grandmothers always wore one of those wrap over pinnies over her clothes, But now today it does not seem to matter, does it dear Reader? You see people wearing modern, trendy clothes in their sixties now.  I think you can wear what you want as long as it fit properly too. I see so many young girls in town in badly fitted clothes. with their bottoms hanging out. I just can't understand why they do not buy a bigger size. I think there is perhaps too much pressure on us woman to be a size 12, but I would not go packing myself into a size 12 like an over-flowing suit case!

Evening all x x x

Friday, 19 April 2013

Day 41

Hello dear Reader, after yesterday''s excitement a much quieter day today. Well apart from Olivia the PPI woman trying to call a few times. I did not bother to answer. The song Like a Virgin by Madonna has just come on the radio.

This song Like a Virgin takes me back to 1985 (I think, I am thirty-nine, dear Reader so I might be a year out, give or take) Now if you remember dear Reader, (I trust your memory is better than mine.) I have chatted before on here about my totally different religious upbringing that when my Ma and Pa were together that my Ma was in the Salvation Army and my Pa is a Spiritualist (they later divorced but the  different religious views were nothing to do with it). Anyway this recall of memory is an experience at the Salvation Army back in 1985 (I think).

I attended both my parents' churches on a regular basis and we were even Junior Soldiers at the Salvation Army. When attending the Salvation Army there was a variety of different clubs that you could join. The Singing Company was one such thing. The Singing Company is basically the choir and they practise through the week, before performing live in the Sunday service.

Now to get into the Singing Company you had to audition. It was not like the X Factor or anything--there was no Gary Barlow or Simon Cowell, just the lady called the YPSM (Young People's Sergent Major) So guess what gormless here decided to do for the audition? Yes that is right Like A Virgin by Madonna. I had seen the video on Top of the Pops. I knew the moves. Apart from of course at my very young naive age I did not actually know what 'virgin' meant, I did not know the meaning of the word and what the content exactly was referring to in Madonna's song.

So there I was best Ra Ra skirt on (Do you remember them dear Reader?)  With a cassette taped from my older cousins album. There may (knowing me at the time)  have been legwarmers involved too. So I walk in and practise a bit with the tape, then I'm up time for the audition. Off I go with a word perfect start with a few moves thrown in too. Like a viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.  I sing away. Well I did not make it to the second verse. 
"OK, you're in" she tells me. I was in the Singing Company. I had no idea at the time just what a complete embarrassing moment that must have been. So dear Reader, I don't know what passed me through that audition--if it was the pure talent of my singing voice or the fact that the YPSM was so wanting me to stop singing this totally inappropriate song in case some one overheard. That got me the gig!

Evening all x x x

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Day 40

Exciting day today dear Reader, today I met Chris Evans; James May; Professor Brian Cox; and Gary Barlow! All for a fantastic cause too for breast cancer. It was Chris Evans' idea to drive a pink Rolls Royce FAB 1 from Lands End to John O' Groats stopping off in Birmingham and Warrington! 

Now Master L is a big Top Gear fan and I thought he would love to meet James May. As usual here in Warrington it had to rain. But we did not care we were right at the back of the stage and it was a great experience. I had said to the hubby if any of the guys talk to me can you take a photo because I don't want to bother them for a photo. So first Chris Evans came over and said hello and was very friendly and chatty. Then Gary Barlow! I could not believe he was stood right in front of me chatting and then Professor Brian Cox came over he was the most chatty. They were all really friendly. We just got a wave from James May who I think was shy :(

Gary then took to the stage and played the keyboard  and sang Back for Good. I could have reached out and touched him we were that close. Of course, dear Reader I had no intentions of reaching out and touching him! Just saying so you know how close we were! 

It all went by so fast and what great guys they are giving up their time for a great cause and helping to raise not only money but awareness too for breast cancer. A huge thank you to them.

Want to see some photos dear Reader?

Nice view from back stage
Our special guests arrive

Professor Brian Cox came straight over to talk to the crowd

James May and the Professor again!

Gary singing Back for Good live

Professor Brian Cox again!

And again with James May and Gary Barlow!

 Chris Evans

I was this close to Gary Barlow! This was taken just before he spoke to me. I had said to the Hubby if any of them come over for a chat can you take a photo of me chatting to them. But no he didn't saying his hands were too cold!

Over here James. Please come over for a chat Master L is a massive Top Gear Fan!

Hello again Professor Brian! He was lovely gave a lot of his time to chat.

And to give pictures

Chris Evans doing his thing!

And Professor Brian joining in!

Leaving so soon
Evening all x x x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Day 39

You will never guess what, dear Reader? Well this morning at 9:30am Olivia from PPI did actually call me back! (If you want to view more information on this check out Day 38). They just do not listen do they? Not only that at 7am...Yes 7am I got a text from another PPI company and this afternoon a call asking to speak to the "Home Owner," I did not take any of the calls today. I was good! Well apart from hanging up on the one that asked for the "Home Owner" that is.

It is so windy today. We have a loose fence panel that so needs fixing. Hubby and his DIY! I have now done a list of things that need fixing around the house, and I have not promoted said fence panel to the top of the list. The noise it makes gets on your nerves after hearing it banging since 7 am this morning. (Thanks to the PPI text) a trip to B&Q is needed to buy something to fix the post that you slot the fence in. I find B&Q such a boring place to shop. The Hubby can spend ages in there. I suppose it is the equivalent of the Hubby being stuck clothes shopping with me. Now I know how he feels. I have no idea what half the stuff in B&Q is either. Normally I would applaud a shop that sells everything--even the kitchen sink, but I can think of nothing worse than a trip to B&Q. 

Last time we went I thought it would be a good idea just to sit in one of the show sheds. When we go to the supermarket the Hubby has this thing were he gets himself lost. I mean he will just like disappear. One minute he is there, the next he is not and then we have to go looking for him and can't find him. Or he has this other thing were he will have gone wondering and then he is looking for us and he walks straight past us. He never sees us and just walks straight past us. So I thought I will disappear and let him find me. So I found this nice little shed and I sat in there and apart from startling a few unsuspecting people when they opened the door, it was nice and cosy in there.

My grandfather had a shed that he used to work in all the time, he was a carpenter and the smell of B&Q is like how his shed used to smell. He used to sit at a work bench and it was full of all useful tools and bits and bobs for his work. Now as a child I was fascinated and I would love to route through all his drawers he had in there looking at the nuts, bolts etc. But now at present day it felt like I had been sat in that shed ages. So I waited and waited....and waited... no sign of the hubby so after waiting a little longer I decided that perhaps he could not find me, so I had better go look for him. (Nothing changes does it dear Reader!)  So I look and find him still looking at drill bits exactly where I had left him!

Evening all x x x

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Day 38

Well dear Reader, I had another call today from the PPI people. My voice is back, but a little croaky and I was not answering my phone yesterday due to losing my voice. Now dear Reader, I have spoke before on an earlier post how I have found the best to deal with these pesky PPI people. They simply do not listen if you say you are not interested, they still call you back. If you are a bit assertive and maybe a touch rude because you are annoyed with them. They still call back. So here is how I dealt with the call. If you want to see my first PPI call, I mentioned it in Day 29

First the lady from the call centre gave me her sales pitch.

PPI Woman: "Good afternoon Madam could I speak to Mrs B please?"

Me: "Yes this is Mrs B"

PPI Woman: "Good afternoon Madam, I am here to help you. You have got PPI to claim back and I am here to give you your money back."

Me: "Oh yes I think I got one of your many texts yesterday, saying you had fifteen hundred pounds for me?"

PPI Woman: "Erm... yes okay."

Me: "Please can we just crack on then and you tell me how I can get my money, so I can book a holiday. I quite fancy Spain I bet it is much warmer than here in the UK at the moment Do you?" "Or maybe Italy"

PPI Woman: "Madam Madam could I just interrupt you? I am here to help you I am not a sales person"

Me: "So you can guarantee that from this phone call, calling me you know I am entitled to PPI back?"

PPI Woman: "Yes"

Me: "Definitely?"

PPI Woman: "Yes Madam"

Me: "Wow that is good news I feel like I have won the lottery. I am so excited."

PPI Woman: "Okay Madam now I need to ask you three questions."

Me: "Okay."

PPI Woman: "You must answer these questions with a yes or a no."

ME: "Okay...I mean yes."

PPI Woman: "Do you have a credit card?"

Me: "Erm, I don't know. Does that count as a no?"

PPI Woman: "Sorry madam. Okay, we will move on to the next question."

Me: "Okay"

PPI Woman: "Do you have a mortgage?"

Me: "I don't know."

PPI Woman: "Okay, let's move on to the last question. Do you have any loans?"

Me: "I don't know."

PPI Woman: "Sorry."

Me: "I don't know if I should share with you such personal information over the phone, I don't know your name or nothing."

PPI Woman: "My name is Olivia and I am a very nice lady. I am calling from India."

Me: "Okay."

PPI Woman: "This is not a sales call. I am nice lady here to help you."

Me: "Okay, can you please then just tell me how I can claim my money, I am feeling I am wasting lots of your time here."

PPI Woman: "Madam, could I call you back tomorrow morning at 9:30 please?"

Me: "Tomorrow could be difficult because I have an appointment with my probation officer."

PPI Woman: "10:30?"

Me: "That will be my court case then."

PPI Woman: "I call you at 9:30 then?"

Me: "No Olivia, I just told you tomorrow morning is a very busy time for me."

PPI Woman: "What time will you be back then?"

Me: "Well it depends on how my court case goes. Will you wish me luck Olivia? Nobody has wished me luck and this could be the last phone call I take in a long time."

PPI Woman: I am going to call you back at 9:30 tomorrow morning, okay?"

Me: "But Olivia, I have told you I will not be in."

PPI Woman: "I will catch you when you will be in then."

Me: "But Olivia, I might be at her Majesty's pleasure."

PPI Woman: "I will catch you when you are in then."

Me: "That is it Olivia, I was caught, so you cannot catch me. It does not look good for me. I am going to jail. I just know it. This is the third time I have been caught nicking Jaffa Cakes from Morrisons."

The PPI Woman then hung up.

Evening all x x x

Monday, 15 April 2013

Day 37

I have now completely lost my voice dear Reader, it has gone. I do feel much better than I did yesterday but I have no voice.  The teens went back to school today. So I was home alone today. I got lost in my thoughts and I thought the new school shoes I have just bought Master L to go back to school in will probably be the last school shoes I ever buy him. Master L is in Year 11 and due to leave school in a few weeks. How did that happen? He will be seventeen this year! Seventeen, dear Reader. Master L is going on to sixth form but he will no doubt get to wear his hip and trendy trainers.

I remember when we went to buy his first ever pair of shoes. He had been walking a few weeks in our home. Trotting about, pacing about up and down. It has always been said in our family that once they start walking to buy their shoes, the arch of the foot forms properly. So off we all went on a family trip to Clark's shoe shop. I wanted him to have good well fitting shoes. So myself, the Hubby and Master L all go to the shop and we take Master L out of the pram.  We were meet by a keen sales assistant. Who informed us she would have to see Master L walking before she sold us shoes. So I popped Master L down thinking no problem. He was dashing around at home on his feet all the time. But do you know what dear Reader? Maybe it was the nice carpets in the shop, for when I put Master L down all he would do was crawl! He had not crawled at home for weeks! But crawl he did the whole time we were in the shop. Never getting on his feet once.  The assistant just turned to me and said "He is not ready yet" But I insisted that he was walking and could walk, but now in the shop he was just shuffling along on his butt! No idea what he was doing, but we ended up not buying or getting any shoes for him that day!

We did end up buying both our teens first shoes from Clark's and many a pair of school shoes and trainers. Many which had light on them. I remember one time my daughter had gone to Wacky Warehouse in a pair of Clark's trainers only to come home in an identical pair... but they were two sizes too big. That was not the first time that had happened to her. One time the Hubby had walked to pick Miss C up from school. When they came through the door I said 
"That is not her coat" Miss C was only four but the coat she was wearing was identical to hers but again a few sizes bigger. It was far too big and it came all the way down to her feet. But the hubby had never noticed, dear Reader. He had walked Miss C home with a coat almost trailing on the floor. I however think of the poor child that went home in a coat that was a few sizes too small!

Evening all x x x

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Day 36

I awoke this morning with a sore throat and generally feeling awful, dear Reader. Not a good feeling at all. I am blaming it on the weather, one minute it is hot then it is cold. Or if you are shopping and you are out in the cold and then into the sometimes the overly warm and often too hot shops. I hate air conditioning too, that makes me too cold. I hate been ill too. 

I remember when I was ill when I was a child, it meant your pillow and duvet downstairs on the sofa and watching daytime TV not that there was much to watch back in the 1980's until we got Neighbours and Home and Away. Before it was something called The Love Boat and Knots Landing. I remember watching Neighbours and thinking it was brilliant. It was not long before it was on after school, so I use to watch it all the time everyday. I remember the actor Alan Dale was in it for years and years and since leaving he is now a huge American star, who has appeared in many big American shows. But for us 80s teens it was Scott, Kylie, Charlene and Jason that we were all into. The wedding between Scott and Charlene was the best episode ever, oh and that song. Do you remember it dear Reader?  Of course I would say I was into The Smiths or some other cool band to my friends, but yes I was a Kylie and Jason fan. I can even remember when I got my first full time job in 1990 that when I was told I would finish at 5.30pm my first thought was I will miss Home and Away and five minutes of Neighbours! At the time Home and Away was on at 5.10pm and then you could turn straight over for Neighbours at 5.35pm. So it was a case of setting the video timer to record.

Does anyone remember how complicated the video timer was to set to record? You needed a degree in setting this gadget. It was so difficult. Well our machine was. At the time too I lived with my grandparents. All through her life my gran embraced and got on with new technology, but she nor I could not set that timer. My uncle even wrote a step by step guide for us to explain how to do it. Many a times we tried only to have taped the wrong show. One day we cracked it though and I got my episodes and my Aussie soap fix. This went on for many years. I can not remember exactly when I stopped watching them or why. Life got busier I suppose. Home and Away and Neighbours are still going. I do not think they are as big as they were back in the eighties but they are still going. Not that I am tempted to start watching them again. 

It is amazing how we got through these phases of things that really mattered to us a lot at one time. How much we liked them and enjoyed them and then suddenly one day things change and you move on... now I have the re runs of Knots Landing to watch!

Evening all x x x

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Day 35

Miss C says she would like to try more food, dear Reader. I do cook a variety of things, but I admit I do stick safely to foods that I know are going to be eaten and not wasted. The thing is when I do cook anything different it will be 
"I don't like that" but I am up for the challenge. First thing I said to my teen was for her to put what she wanted in the supermarket trolley and we will cook what you want. 
"Can't be bothered" she says. So then I asked her to put what she wanted on the shopping list. But no she added nothing. I have noticed we have had a few too many takeaways too in the Easter holidays, so I am looking online because apparently Delia Smith is running a free online cookery class. So I will be inspired and I will be cooking up some tasty delights all this week.Which I can guarantee you will be met by "I don't like this" 
And the new saying of "What the hell?" That my teens seem to be forever saying. Yes, when it is fresh, well- prepared, superb cooking I am serving up everyday with plenty of vegetables.  They will be complaining again then!

I always think it is important for us to have our family meals together around the table. I do not let my teens eat upstairs in their rooms.  I myself do not eat upstairs either. It is nice to chat and share things around the table. Oh yes dear Reader in my dreams, now you are lucky to get any conversation out of your teens at the table. The meal is constantly taken up by 
"What we having this for?" 
Or things like "We have run out of Pepsi" at the dinner table. But just sometimes we do get the occasional nice conversation going around the dinner table. 
Which is more meaningful than "pass the ketchup." When my teens grow up and leave home, I will insist they come home for a traditional Sunday lunch every Sunday so we can catch up and maybe we will play board games after too. (Like I say dear Reader, I can dream!)

Evening all x x x 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Day 34

Well it looks like I am in for a weekend of Formula One, dear Reader. The Hubby is a fan and I am not. I just can't see the point in watching little cars go round and round in circle. Can you dear Reader? I don't see the point either in paying all that money to watch Formula One either. What do you get? About three seconds of noisy cars going by, blink and you miss it until it comes all the way round again for another three seconds. It is the same thing when you have just missed a bus and you see it zooming past wondering when the next one will arrive.

I would much rather spectate something like Strictly Come Dancing, pure entertainment and value for money from start to finish. Nice dancing; nice music; nice people and Brucie. I was hoping that along with the BBC coming up North, so would Strictly which would make it easier for me to travel to but no, it is one of the only things staying in London. Still it is closer than jetting off to follow Formula One.

So cars win this weekend.  But they are racing cars, are they not, dear Reader. So that must mean the time will go by very fast!

Evening all x x x

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Day 33

One of the things I have found, dear Reader, in my thirty-nine years on earth is that I am extremely lucky when it comes to entering competitions. Over the years I have won a number of things. One of the best prizes I ever won was a children's climbing frame, a really big one. Which Master L and Miss C got years of play out of. Have you ever won a competition dear Reader?  I do like to enter competitions. Still waiting for my Lotto win though!

I have a black cat called Spook, apparently lots of people do not like to own black cats because they are considered to bring bad luck.  I wonder if that was the reason why she had been left at the RSPCA for nearly a year, no one wanted her. Poor thing.  Good luck for her when we took her.

I must admit  I would never walk under a ladder. Would you dear Reader? I don't put umbrellas up in the house either. I wonder where these strange superstitions come from dear Reader?  Is there any luck, good or bad? Do we make our own luck?

Well dear Reader luckily we can all search now and find out!

Evening all x x x

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Day 32

Busy day today dear Reader, the warmer weather is here! So I decided to swap my winter woollies in my wardrobe for more warmer clothes. I decided a couple of years ago rather than keep all my clothes altogether in my wardrobes, I would instead start to pack away the woollies in spring and the summer clothes in autumn. What is the point in having stuff hung up that you can't wear for six months of the year due to the weather? Okay dear Reader.... I admit it was because my wardrobe doors would not close and I had no room. I was fed up of not been able to see what was actually in my wardrobe due to it all being squashed in and the fact they came out crumbled after I had spent ages ironing. So there came my idea for my brilliant plan dear Reader!  Let's just hope the warmer weather lasts now.

Do you remember play school dear Reader? 
"Which window will we go through today"? It used to say. 
I always wanted the square window and it always seemed to be the round window. Well earlier this year I found myself almost going through the square window. 

Last November we had brand new sparkling windows fitted in our house. They looked great. Then earlier this year, I opened Miss C's window as I was cleaning her room. I had only opened it very slightly. Just to let a little fresh air in. Everything was good, I had almost finished my cleaning when suddenly a freak gust of wind blew the window right back, really hard slamming it right against the wall. It the snapped completely of the top metal bracket and broke clear off leaving the window and frame dangerously hanging over, only supported by the bottom metal bracket. It was like a car crash dear Reader.

I felt I had no choice dear Reader, but to hang on to that window (I know it's a silly idea now) it was hanging right over our front drive and near our front door. It was also blowing still in the wind. If it had perhaps dropped straight down, then that may have been the safest thing (As long as it hadn't landed on anyone) but no it was blowing dangerously with the wind and I thought the sensible thing would be for me to hang on to it and call for help. Never thinking for a moment about my own safety, that having reached out for the window frame to pull it up that I could have been pulled out of the window. Luckily I had my mobile in my pocket and was able to hang on to the window with one hand while I called the Hubby. 

So I said to Hubby: 
"Something terrible as happened we need the builder urgently." 
"Please can you call the builder?" 
"I do not have his number in my phone and we have a real emergency here, the window as buckled and broke and the frame is hanging dangerously over and I am having to hold on to it." 
"Okay" the hubby says. I then wait and wait and wait and I still hear nothing. I think to myself he will call in a moment to let me know the builder is on his way. But no nothing. So after waiting for what seems like ages, I decided to call the Hubby back to which I got no answer. I was now tiring and found that I had to keep swapping hands.

Time went by and I heard nothing all I could do was sit there on the window sill holding on. No one passed the house for me to call for help, all I could do was wait... Over an hour I was left dear Reader, until the builders' van pulled up. The Builder could not believe how bad the problem was either. He said that when the Hubby had called he had just said that there was a problem with Miss C's window and he never said it was urgent! I was actually in tears when the builders arrived--my hand had been holding on to the frame so long that I could not remove my hand from holding the frame and had to be helped. I had bad pins and needles everywhere. My allergy had kicked off too. Then the Husband came home. Boy was I MAD!

"I know what happened" the hubby will have thought. 
"She was just exaggerating (again) I mean she can't possibly be hanging out holding on to the window could she?"

Evening all x x x