Sunday, 7 April 2013

Day 29

Got a bit of a mystery on my hands today, dear Reader, when I was doing the weekly food shop. I bought a packet of Jaffa Cakes and when I got home and unpacked them, it looks like somebody has eaten half the packet, resealed the lid and left them for an unsuspecting person, who just so happened to be me who bought them. What am I suppose to do about that, dear Reader? Take them back and demand a refund? Ha ha.

Speaking of mysterys, recently I must have had far too many calls from those PPI and compensation people who use cold calling. I was getting calls everyday, sometimes more than once. I had the same company calling me everyday and even though I said I was not interested, they still called. Now dear Reader not wanting to be rude to these people, who after all are doing their job, I decided to have a little fun, knowing that they do not listen to you on the phone. This was with a compensation claim company.

So when they started their scripted speech the conversation went like this:

First usually waffle we think that you are entitled to lots of compensation money.

Me: "That was fast I only fell off my bike five minutes ago"

Compo Man: "Are you injured?"

Me: "I thought you would have my details if this is why you are calling?"

Compo Man "Can we go through them again?"

Me: "Okay. I was on my bike, going to Asda, when I went through a big puddle and it was deeper than I thought and I must have hit an undercover stone. I then went over the handle bars and landed in the puddle, I did say it was a big puddle and then everything went black"

Compo Man: "Were you injured?"

Compo Man: "Any damage?"

Me: "When I regained consciousness, I just felt very wet and my bike bell had got stuck to my coat and injured my chin."

Me: "Also one my stabiliser had broke off. "

Compo Man: " I think we can help you. Can I please take some personal details?"

Me: "Don't you have them already? It is just you said you knew I was entitled to compensation. So I thought you would have them already."

Compo Man: "No not your personal details, can I take them please?"

Me: "Okay."

Compo Man: "Thanks, what is your first name?"

Me: "Cher."

Compo Man: "And your surname please?"

Me: "Locke- Holmes."

Compo Man: "Can you spell your full name out to me please?"

Me: "Okay" "It's C-H-E-R  L-O-C-K-E- H-O-L-M-E-S."

Compo Man: "Thanks, Is that miss or mrs?"

Me: "Mrs."

Compo Man: "Thank you Mrs Locke-Holmes. And your address please?"

Me: "101 Baker Street, London, L123 45B."

Compo Man: "Have you seen a doctor?"

Me: "I was on my way to see the doctor."

Compo Man: "What is the name of your doctor?"

Me: "Doctor Watson."

Compo Man: "Can we give you a call back when you have seen the doctor?"

Me: "Yes, why do you think I have a case?"

Compo Man: "Yes."

Me: " So you are going to investigate and work on my case with me?"

Compo Man: "Yes. We need to hear what your doctor says. Can you let me call you back, shall we say around six pm this evening?"

Me: "Yes sure." 

Compo man then says polite goodbye and that he will call me back at six.

I am still waiting for the call back! Ha ha

Either they just don't listen or they have just not heard of Sherlock Holmes!

Evening all x x x


  1. Haw, haw, haw! 's cruel, it is, really. Love it! :) xx

  2. Fab! Gonna remember this one! lol

  3. A little naughty I know, but it was either this or me getting really cross, due to the amount of calls i was getting lol x Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments Sheryl and JB x x