Thursday, 11 April 2013

Day 33

One of the things I have found, dear Reader, in my thirty-nine years on earth is that I am extremely lucky when it comes to entering competitions. Over the years I have won a number of things. One of the best prizes I ever won was a children's climbing frame, a really big one. Which Master L and Miss C got years of play out of. Have you ever won a competition dear Reader?  I do like to enter competitions. Still waiting for my Lotto win though!

I have a black cat called Spook, apparently lots of people do not like to own black cats because they are considered to bring bad luck.  I wonder if that was the reason why she had been left at the RSPCA for nearly a year, no one wanted her. Poor thing.  Good luck for her when we took her.

I must admit  I would never walk under a ladder. Would you dear Reader? I don't put umbrellas up in the house either. I wonder where these strange superstitions come from dear Reader?  Is there any luck, good or bad? Do we make our own luck?

Well dear Reader luckily we can all search now and find out!

Evening all x x x

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