Monday, 15 April 2013

Day 37

I have now completely lost my voice dear Reader, it has gone. I do feel much better than I did yesterday but I have no voice.  The teens went back to school today. So I was home alone today. I got lost in my thoughts and I thought the new school shoes I have just bought Master L to go back to school in will probably be the last school shoes I ever buy him. Master L is in Year 11 and due to leave school in a few weeks. How did that happen? He will be seventeen this year! Seventeen, dear Reader. Master L is going on to sixth form but he will no doubt get to wear his hip and trendy trainers.

I remember when we went to buy his first ever pair of shoes. He had been walking a few weeks in our home. Trotting about, pacing about up and down. It has always been said in our family that once they start walking to buy their shoes, the arch of the foot forms properly. So off we all went on a family trip to Clark's shoe shop. I wanted him to have good well fitting shoes. So myself, the Hubby and Master L all go to the shop and we take Master L out of the pram.  We were meet by a keen sales assistant. Who informed us she would have to see Master L walking before she sold us shoes. So I popped Master L down thinking no problem. He was dashing around at home on his feet all the time. But do you know what dear Reader? Maybe it was the nice carpets in the shop, for when I put Master L down all he would do was crawl! He had not crawled at home for weeks! But crawl he did the whole time we were in the shop. Never getting on his feet once.  The assistant just turned to me and said "He is not ready yet" But I insisted that he was walking and could walk, but now in the shop he was just shuffling along on his butt! No idea what he was doing, but we ended up not buying or getting any shoes for him that day!

We did end up buying both our teens first shoes from Clark's and many a pair of school shoes and trainers. Many which had light on them. I remember one time my daughter had gone to Wacky Warehouse in a pair of Clark's trainers only to come home in an identical pair... but they were two sizes too big. That was not the first time that had happened to her. One time the Hubby had walked to pick Miss C up from school. When they came through the door I said 
"That is not her coat" Miss C was only four but the coat she was wearing was identical to hers but again a few sizes bigger. It was far too big and it came all the way down to her feet. But the hubby had never noticed, dear Reader. He had walked Miss C home with a coat almost trailing on the floor. I however think of the poor child that went home in a coat that was a few sizes too small!

Evening all x x x

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