Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Day 25

Managed to do Spook's three month de-worming today. Well the hubby and Master L did anyway. After much growling and tail-flicking. Spook is now quite an old cat and is used to people messing about with her now. When we take her to the vet she is very sensible and never comes out of her box. Then the last time we had to take her to the vets for her yearly injections, we managed to get her out of her box and on the examination table and the vet managed to do what needed doing and as soon as the vet said "all done" Spook promptly jumped down off the table and got straight back into her box! 

Well I have finally now admitted defeat with my allergy and I made an appointment at the doctors for tomorrow. I just can not get my symptoms under control and I am fed up of been stuck in all day and it is really uncomfortable too.  I have to get myself right for Monday, because I have a new almost two month old brand new family member to visit and coo over--a new baby girl.

I had a mountain of ironing to work through this afternoon and I almost could not do it, due to the Sky box not coming on. I can't iron without my Sky Plus. I tried the old trick of turning it off for five minutes and after doing this for about twenty times it finally began to work and my own personal TV schedule awaited me and I flew through the boring ironing in no time. It is boring isn't it dear Reader? You would think now someone would have invented clothes without wrinkles wouldn't you? Or some magical device of a gadget that does it for you. I suddenly have had a flash of inspiration, why not a robot for ironing? A robot ironing machine. Let's invent one dear Reader! I don't know why but in my twenties I thought it would be a good idea to set up an ironing business 'Hey Presto' I called myself ha ha. This was before Sky Plus too so I soon became 'Hey Fed Up'

 Here is Spook posing for the camera.

Evening all x x x

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