Saturday, 13 April 2013

Day 35

Miss C says she would like to try more food, dear Reader. I do cook a variety of things, but I admit I do stick safely to foods that I know are going to be eaten and not wasted. The thing is when I do cook anything different it will be 
"I don't like that" but I am up for the challenge. First thing I said to my teen was for her to put what she wanted in the supermarket trolley and we will cook what you want. 
"Can't be bothered" she says. So then I asked her to put what she wanted on the shopping list. But no she added nothing. I have noticed we have had a few too many takeaways too in the Easter holidays, so I am looking online because apparently Delia Smith is running a free online cookery class. So I will be inspired and I will be cooking up some tasty delights all this week.Which I can guarantee you will be met by "I don't like this" 
And the new saying of "What the hell?" That my teens seem to be forever saying. Yes, when it is fresh, well- prepared, superb cooking I am serving up everyday with plenty of vegetables.  They will be complaining again then!

I always think it is important for us to have our family meals together around the table. I do not let my teens eat upstairs in their rooms.  I myself do not eat upstairs either. It is nice to chat and share things around the table. Oh yes dear Reader in my dreams, now you are lucky to get any conversation out of your teens at the table. The meal is constantly taken up by 
"What we having this for?" 
Or things like "We have run out of Pepsi" at the dinner table. But just sometimes we do get the occasional nice conversation going around the dinner table. 
Which is more meaningful than "pass the ketchup." When my teens grow up and leave home, I will insist they come home for a traditional Sunday lunch every Sunday so we can catch up and maybe we will play board games after too. (Like I say dear Reader, I can dream!)

Evening all x x x 

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