Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Day 32

Busy day today dear Reader, the warmer weather is here! So I decided to swap my winter woollies in my wardrobe for more warmer clothes. I decided a couple of years ago rather than keep all my clothes altogether in my wardrobes, I would instead start to pack away the woollies in spring and the summer clothes in autumn. What is the point in having stuff hung up that you can't wear for six months of the year due to the weather? Okay dear Reader.... I admit it was because my wardrobe doors would not close and I had no room. I was fed up of not been able to see what was actually in my wardrobe due to it all being squashed in and the fact they came out crumbled after I had spent ages ironing. So there came my idea for my brilliant plan dear Reader!  Let's just hope the warmer weather lasts now.

Do you remember play school dear Reader? 
"Which window will we go through today"? It used to say. 
I always wanted the square window and it always seemed to be the round window. Well earlier this year I found myself almost going through the square window. 

Last November we had brand new sparkling windows fitted in our house. They looked great. Then earlier this year, I opened Miss C's window as I was cleaning her room. I had only opened it very slightly. Just to let a little fresh air in. Everything was good, I had almost finished my cleaning when suddenly a freak gust of wind blew the window right back, really hard slamming it right against the wall. It the snapped completely of the top metal bracket and broke clear off leaving the window and frame dangerously hanging over, only supported by the bottom metal bracket. It was like a car crash dear Reader.

I felt I had no choice dear Reader, but to hang on to that window (I know it's a silly idea now) it was hanging right over our front drive and near our front door. It was also blowing still in the wind. If it had perhaps dropped straight down, then that may have been the safest thing (As long as it hadn't landed on anyone) but no it was blowing dangerously with the wind and I thought the sensible thing would be for me to hang on to it and call for help. Never thinking for a moment about my own safety, that having reached out for the window frame to pull it up that I could have been pulled out of the window. Luckily I had my mobile in my pocket and was able to hang on to the window with one hand while I called the Hubby. 

So I said to Hubby: 
"Something terrible as happened we need the builder urgently." 
"Please can you call the builder?" 
"I do not have his number in my phone and we have a real emergency here, the window as buckled and broke and the frame is hanging dangerously over and I am having to hold on to it." 
"Okay" the hubby says. I then wait and wait and wait and I still hear nothing. I think to myself he will call in a moment to let me know the builder is on his way. But no nothing. So after waiting for what seems like ages, I decided to call the Hubby back to which I got no answer. I was now tiring and found that I had to keep swapping hands.

Time went by and I heard nothing all I could do was sit there on the window sill holding on. No one passed the house for me to call for help, all I could do was wait... Over an hour I was left dear Reader, until the builders' van pulled up. The Builder could not believe how bad the problem was either. He said that when the Hubby had called he had just said that there was a problem with Miss C's window and he never said it was urgent! I was actually in tears when the builders arrived--my hand had been holding on to the frame so long that I could not remove my hand from holding the frame and had to be helped. I had bad pins and needles everywhere. My allergy had kicked off too. Then the Husband came home. Boy was I MAD!

"I know what happened" the hubby will have thought. 
"She was just exaggerating (again) I mean she can't possibly be hanging out holding on to the window could she?"

Evening all x x x

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