Monday, 30 September 2013

Day 207

Happy Birthday to Mr L today, dear Reader! He is seventeen today. Yes dear Reader seventeen years ago today I gave birth to my first child Mr L. It does not seem like seventeen years ago. How time flies. Mr L is now a grown-up. 

He was in college most of the day, so we took him out for a meal this evening and he chose Pizza Hut. I am now so full that I have no room for birthday cake. I am all pizzad out! He usually chooses Nando's so it made a change. 

I don't think I will need to eat for a week!

Evening all x x x

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Day 206

Good news, dear Reader, I have now been off the steroids for almost one week! I know how exciting is that!? Only downside is that one of the side effects of the steroids is that it completely drains all the moisture out of your skin, so just like when you have been badly sun burnt it is much the same after a bad allergic reaction. You peel, but you peel all over your body. Some actually have it like a snake when it sheds large chunks of skin which they actually have to cut off at times. I am one of the lucky ones and mine is just peel.

Although I count myself as one of the lucky ones this is incredibly painful, dear Reader, and most of all uncomfortable--especially when you wake up on a morning. You just are like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz--very stiff. Covered everywhere and I mean everywhere in horrible dry flaky skin. Even after a bath and moisturising it is still sore and awful. You can't go anywhere really because you start to peel again and leave flakes everywhere and let me tell you, dear Reader, it is shocking just how much skin us humans can shed.

Although after a bath or shower it is not as bad as when you wake up on a morning, you still lose a lot of skin. Bed sheets have to be changed and although for us allergy sufferers it is only a temporary measure it is just horrible.

But they tell me if I make it what is called the final recovery stage of recovery from a bad allergic reaction, my skin will be better than ever and after all, dear Reader people do pay money to have chemical skin peels. So I have to stick it out. I try to forget about it as much as I can, take my mind off it. I also tell myself it is just all the bad damaged allergy skin coming off and that soon I will have normal nice looking healthy skin.

When you are out you cannot help but look at people and think, they just get dressed on a morning and come out.For me it takes ages putting cream on and even then when I am out it is uncomfortable. You think do know how lucky they are?   I now empathise with people with allergies and eczema and any other skin conditions, because I know their pain and discomfort.

Evening all x x x

Day 205

Had a lovely day today with familyto start my son Mr L's seventeenth birthday celebrations off dear Reader. So an early start this morning to pick some relatives up from the train station. Then we came back to ours for a bit and then we had a nice lunch. Mr L's choice so he chose pizza. He usually chooses Nando's so we were surprised when he picked pizza.

He might pick Nando's on Monday when it is his birthday as we will take him out on his actual birthday too. Then we are waiting for his driving licence to arrive and he can begin his driving lessons and then hopefully soon he will pass his test and be able to have his first car really soon too... and drive me to the shops etc! 

Evening all x xx

Friday, 27 September 2013

Day 202, 203 and 204

Now off the steroids, dear Reader, and having bad withdrawal symptoms and I have the shakes. So being stuck in over the past few days. But I have managed to come off them, so hopefully now if I can just get the withdrawal symptoms out of the way. I can be on my way to finally getting better.

I will feel like I have been re-born then! After months and months have been stuck in the thought of doing what I want when I want is quite exciting. I am still not sleeping. dear Reader, today I put the microwave on and forgot to put my food in to warm up... So it was an empty microwave, luckily I spotted my food still lying there on the unit, while the microwave was going round.

Evening all x x x

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day 201

Well today I had planned a duvet day, dear Reader, to catch up on my much needed sleep. But after a problem came up at school with Miss C, I thought I better stay alert for when the school called to sort out the problem. But no of course they did not ring. So I could have slept, but we know don't we. dear Reader if I had gone to sleep they would have called!

Evening all 

Monday, 23 September 2013

Day 200

Well after nights of not sleeping, I decided to bring the duvet downstairs this afternoon and try a day-time nap, dear Reader, only to find I still could not sleep. So I just lay there still not moving under my duvet eyes closed and do you know, dear Reader it actually did make me feel a little better after only managing to stay still for about a whole hour.

I did feel recharged and refreshed. But I do hope I sleep tonight, dear Reader. I have noticed that when you can't sleep the time through the night seems to go really fast and it is morning before you know it. The steroids should be completely out of my system soon so I hope with this my sleep will come back to me. 

Because I am tired now, dear Reader, tired of not sleeping. I need sleep. I have even tried counting sheep!

Evening all x x x

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Day 198

You can't beat Sunday lunch can you dear Reader? You know a proper traditional Sunday roast and I am so lucky my hubby loves to cook, so I have mine made for me every Sunday by him. My hubby is a fabulous cook too, he makes many homemade delights that are delicious. I of course cook if he as been working all day, but I think my mother-in law thinks old-fashioned and can not understand that the hubby actually likes cooking and that it is a woman's place to cook so I guess she thinks I am lazy! Many a times she ahs phoned while the hubby has been cooking and always asks why his wife not cooking? Such a shame that she does not realise what a great talent her son has and an enjoyable hobby it is too.

Sadly the hubby's cooking skills do not branch out into other domestic areas around the house. He has never used the vacuum, cleaned or dusted. Although as an engineer he could take the washing machine apart to fix it, but he does not have a clue how to sort washing; load a machine and put it on for a wash. He leaves towels on the bathroom floor and would never bring the washing in if it is raining unless he was asked.

But all that does not matter, for the wonderful things he can cook make up for this and besides I like doing the other domestic things. Even though now with my bad allergy to dust mites I have to dress like Darth Vader in my mask, goggles, gloves etc! I have scared the postman a few times I can tell you. 

The hubby and I make a good team. A domestic dream team. Roll on dinner time!

Evening all x x x

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Day 197

Awake this morning and not to a good start, dear Reader, two badly swollen eyes staring back at me in the mirror. My eyes can swell quite bad with my allergy and I had hoped that with all the recent improvement that this would not happen. So it is a set back really, but I am managing and there is no need to go to the hospital so hopefully I continue the plan my specialist gave me to wean me of the steroids.

I suppose with all the difficulty I have had coming off steroids, I suppose that they are not going to go with out a fight. So I look at my eyes swelling as one last stand from the steroids. A last attempt for them to try and push my dose back up to eight. But I shall stand strong dear Reader and continue to fight them off.

So on the down side, stuck in again, I mean who wants to go out with puffy eyes? I did make it to Mr L's college the other night but after an hour I could have done with cappuccino power as I was flagging again. But it was a good meeting learning more about the college and what Mr L was doing and going to be doing. 

When we went into the college outside there was a sign advertising Costa Coffee. Which just so happens to be the brand of cafe in the hospital that I had my first cappuccino. Great I thought, just perfect, I can get my drin, but the college cafe was not opened and we were not offered any beverages. We always used to be offered a drink at these places but no more.

It is nice when friends ask you round their houses for a drink. Recently I was asked to go out of my way to meet someone in a road or alley so they could give me something. I was thinking why when we would have come all that way could they not have asked us to go to their house for a drink,especially when they have been round to mine loads of times. It was the same with birthdays we would always invite them to be involved in our birthdays even treated them to meals, but we never got asked to theirs or got bought a meal back. Not too bothered about being bought a meal back, but would have been nice to have been invited to be a part of their birthdays. It was only recently that my blinkers came off and I just saw how incredibly selfish these people are.

The eyes have gone down now... they look like two deflated balloons. Not a good look at all!

Evening all x x x

Friday, 20 September 2013

Day 196

I see Downton Abbey is back on our screens really soon, dear Reader, but it will not be on my TV screen dear Reader. No way after what happened on the Christmas Day episode. There I was enjoying my Christmas and having a nice mince pie and shock, horror you didn't see that coming--off pops another leading actor. I think most people will have seen that episode by now and so I will not be spoiling it for anyone. 

I think Downton Abbey is now a victim of its own success and with its added success in America and many of the stars of the show going across the pond to cash in on the profile Downton Abbey has given them in the States and leaving Downton Abbey, I know the only way for those actors to leave is for the writers to kill them off--but why in the Christmas episode?

I know bad things still happen at Christmas, but not when you are wanting to watch Christmas television and feel all full of Christmas cheer. What happened in that episode completely spoilt the atmosphere and completely put me off my mince pie.

So that is it for me and Downnton Abbey here we part company and even if I have to spend my Christmas television viewing watching re-runs and old Christmas films so be it!

Evening all x x x

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Day 195

Well my meds are taking their time to kick in, dear Reader, but there as been a slight improvement so hopefully I am now on my way to getting sorted. I have to go into Mr L's college this evening not sure why or for what, but I am going anyway.

Just waiting for my appointment to come through with the dermatologist now. So I can see about these immune system drugs. This appointment will be in my local town so no travelling far or hopefully having to get up at silly o clock.

I hope to be back at the gym next week and back to 'normal' it is a funny thing when we no longer have control over our health and our bodies start to fail us. Try as hard as you can to get right but there is nothing you can do about it, but accept and have a lot of self-discipline to listen to specialist and doctors and follow their advice and change your life-style and adapt to what is now best for your body.

I cannot hide that I am ill either, the evidence is there for all to see with my poorly swollen skin so I could not hide it if I had wanted to. I can see why it would be easy to become down with my condition, but for me this was never an option. I think if you stay positive it is half the battle. And hopefully now I am winning the battle again!

Evening all x x x

Day 194

This morning I was up at silly o clock dear Reader to make it to the hospital first thing to see my allergy specialist. My appointment was at 9 m and it meant a drive into Manchester so the plan was to drop Miss C off at Breakfast club first thing and to try and avoid all the rush hour traffic. However Miss C as usual was not ready on time so we ended up sitting in traffic anyway but it was not too bad, we made it with enough time to call at the hospital cafe for a drink.

Usually hot chocolate is my drink when we go on these appointments but now with chocolate as one of my triggers this was now not an option. I had said to the hubby that I could not think what drink to have and that I was really struggling tired wise to get myself awake, I was flagging badly. so I would just pop in the loo to try and freshen myself up or my mind was most likely just going to go blank during the appointment.

To my surprise when I got into the cafe there was a drink waiting for me. It turns out my lovely hubby had bought me a cappuccino to wake me up. This is something I have never tried before and I am not usually a coffee person, I was more a tea drinker. He told me it would wake me up, and oh boy was he right! I felt the effect before I had even finished drinking it. He then told me he would have got me a double espresso but because I would not be use to it as it is stronger he though a cappuccino would do the job. I enjoyed my drink too. I would not say I would drink loads of it, but for an occasional drink that will do me.

So now bright and alert I headed to my appointment, which I have to say went very well. I am slowly being weaned off steroids and they put my Ani His tablets from one a day up to four a day, I am also going on immune system drugs which I will have to monitored regular and have blood tests. So all in all it went very well and I feel I am now a step closer to bringing my symptoms under control, more appointments will follow, but I will look forward to my cappochino from now on!!!

Evening all x x x

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Day 193

I am actually having a busy week, dear Reader, I have one of those weeks that is filled with appointments for this that and the other! So at last I am getting out of the house for a little bit anyway. Hopefully this will be able to continue as tomorrow I have my appointment with the big allergy hospital in the city. So I am really hoping they can get me sorted out and get all my allergy symptoms back under control, so I can join the land of the living again!

Hopefully by this Christmas I will have done a full circle of back to good health, after starting having bad reactions just after last Christmas so I can look forward to a healthy 2014 and be well for when I hit the big 40! I know I can get my symptoms fully under control and that I can live a normal healthy live and I will get there again. So fingers-crossed my Specialist can come up with a good solution to get stop me having bad reactions and just what could I possibly be allergic to now? That will add to my collection of triggers.

I know they will not be able to continue and pick up with the allergy test I missed last time as you have to have clear skin and be able to come off your meds for them to be done. Although I know they will be doing other tests and taking samples from me to help with the research I am taking part in. So I am probably looking at a few visits to the hospital in the next few weeks.

I am really hoping they can take me off the steroids. I did manage to come off them for around eight hours earlier this week, but then back up to eight after reacting again. So I need to be able to come off them now, tomorrow I am down to one steroid so hopefully I will be able to start my new meds straight away. But I will know more tomorrow after the appointment once I have been.

Evening all x x x

Monday, 16 September 2013

Day 192

Online shopping dear Reader. No need to go out in the cold or the rain. You can shop from the comfort of your very own comfy sofa and shop I did! Well not for myself but for others, I have a couple of birthdays coming up and then Christmas. It is surprising too, dear Reader just how many hours you can lose doing this leisurely pursuit.

In the end I did end up buying something for myself dear Reader... books of all things... ike I need to add anymore to my hug'T to read and review pile.' But it was nice to choose my own books as as a reviewer you very rarely get a chance to choose your own reading material. So when I do eventually find the time to read them that is!

One of the things I want to do before I am forty is pick up and read the rest of the Adrian Mole Series by Sue Townsend. I just discovered there are a lot more to the series so have ordered a couple of them. Also I saw a couple more of her books that looked really good reads too. I read the first couple of Adrian Mole books and saw the TV shows in the 1980s and now want to know
 "What ever happened to Adrian Mole? Now thanks to Amazon I am about to find out.

 Evening all x x x

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Day 191

And back up to eight and we will say no more about thatdear Reader!

So I had a catch up on the good old Sky Plus today and one of the things I watched was the Big Reunion. If you are not in the know to what this show is about, dear Reader, it is bands from the nineties that have reformed for this television show and are going on tour. A second chance at publicity and a chance to earn big money again and possibly record new material.

But one of the things that as stood out in this programme is just how much moaning some of the band members do and how they even complain about their time in the band...hello! You have been given an amazing chance and are living a dream that a lot of young people would love to be living. No matter what happened in the past you have been given a second chance. If you lost your money you have a chance to make it all back. if you had fall outs a there is a chance to forgive and move on.

So it annoys me dear Reader, so many people without jobs and they have a wonderful opportunity and all they can do is complain! Honestly! The guy from 5ive is the worst. You know the one from Leeds. When he looks back and is older I bet he wishes he had enjoyed it more and had been grateful.

I don't know dear Reader... why do I watch such things?

Evening all x x x

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Day 190

I have made it dear Reader! Today is my first day off Steroids and now with only days to go before my appointment with the specialist, let's hope I can hang on until then. I am a little blotchy though. A little eczema has also broken out, but so far I am in control. It is nothing like as bad as what it as been and hopefully with the specialist's help this week I will finally back to normal in no time! Fingers crossed dear Reader!

Like I have said before, dear Reader, when you have things going on with your health you do learn and see just how many people do create problems and trouble over nothing. How these small things do not matter. Has long you have your health enjoy life, get the most out of life because you never do know what is around the corner. Be nice to everyone and those who are not nice to you just walk away from them.

Live life to the full, enjoy it and share it with the people who love and respect you and who want to spend time with you.

Evening all x x x

Friday, 13 September 2013

Day 189

I noticed while out shopping today that Cabbage Patch Dolls are celebrating their thirtieth anniversary of when they first come out. On the boxes it displayed thirty years of Cabbage Patch Dolls. My Cabbage Doll was the last doll I ever had back in the 1980s. I was aged eight or nine back when I got mine. The name my doll came with was Gregory. I knew this because they came with little adoption certificates. He was bought for me for Christmas. Wow thirty-years ago. It does not seem that long ago.

I have not seen any on sale for ages either but there they were on the shop shelves, all boxed and ready to go. I really looked after mine. I did not go as far as keep him in the box. I did play. I remember pushing him around in a pram etc. He was immaculate still in the outfit that he came in and even had the nappy all was intact. I loved the fact these dolls had a little belly button and a signature on their little bum cheeks too, to show they were genuine. They were all suppose to be different, not one the same as another. However they all had the exact same face, just a different hairstyle and outfit.

For me this was now I time when I knew I was becoming too old to play with dolls. A time to be listening to records, singing along to fame, and putting on legwarmers. So with this in mind and very sadly because I loved that doll. I passed him on to some younger family members, only on my next visit to their house to find poor Gregory stripped naked and head first in the sand pit! Oh well at least he was loved once!

But when I look now how much these things go on eBay...

Evening all x  x x

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Day 188, dear Reader,I have not slept properly for weeks. Maybe it is down to the steroids. I do take them on a morning so no idea why I can't sleep. It is amazing what goes through your mind isn't it dear Reader? When you are just laying there wanting sleep to creep over you.  I should get up and read really, but somewhere I read that if you just lay still it is as good as getting a good night rest. 

Well it may have been working but today I am exhausted. I went out today for a good long walk in the hope this helps me to sleep tonight. Mr L came with me so it was nice to have a bit of company. Even if he did wear his headphones!

I think well I might as well get up early at six, only for six am to come around and I will have fallen lightly to sleep, and be so far gone that I am too tired now to get up early. So I would say I am managing about a whole hours sleep a night. I do get up early at seven, so I do think it is down to these silly steroids. But if they are suppose to give you energy that is wearing off now too.

Well on the positive, I am managing not to get cranky and I have not yet put any odd objects in the fridge. A habit of mine usually when I am tired. A little clumsy I am though too. Now finally able to manage trousers after not been able to wear them with my sore skin I did go and spill my dinner down them!

So I hope sleep returns to me and I can finally get some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs

Evening all x x x

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Day 187

Hello dear Reader, well I am back on and up to eight steroids again so you know the story by now! Oh well I am seeing the specialist next week so hopefully I will have this problem sorted really soon. I have actually just been asked by the allergy hospital I attend if I would be willing to take part in research for them to help find better medication and hopefully one day a cure for people who have such severe allergies like me.

I have decided to do this. They are not going to experiment new drugs on us or use us like guinea pigs. They simply are collecting data and samples from us to build up a database that they can use the information and samples to help in their research. So I think it is important for someone like me to take part in. If it helps other people too especially children with the condition and also it may help myself too I am all for it. So I have said yes.

So besides, dear Reader it is my chance to go to university as it is in the hospital university! So there you go. Aged thirty-nine I make it to university.

Evening all x x x

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Day 186

I could get used to this resting and relaxing dear Reader. I am now down to onesSteroid and apart from a few little outbreaks on my skin, this is such an improvement on having to rush to the hospital. Hopefully tomorrow I will finally make it off the steroids and will be able to manage until I see the specialist next week.  So until the specialist appointment I am just taking it nice and easy.

Well the fast forward button on my Sky remote stopped working today, so my relaxing time catching up on the Sky Plus meant me having to sit through the advertisements. No matter how hard I hit that button it would not work. All the other buttons work just that one that as decided to not work. Oh will I be glad when I can get out and start living again!

My life would be hell... without post-it notes too. So many things to remember with regards to my allergy, it it was not for post-it notes chaos would have taken over. But they are keeping me organised and informed. In fact more easier than writing it in a diary. And at the moment, dear Reader, it is about as much excitement as I get writing something interesting on a post-it note to do with my allergy! 

Who am I kidding?! It is like watching paint dry! Roll on allergy appointment...

Evening all x x x

Monday, 9 September 2013

Day 185

Well I am now safely down to two steroids today and I am doing okay dear Reader. No mad dash off to the hospital during the night.  A big improvement only two days to go and hopefully I will make it off the Steroids--fingers crossed.

I had a strange dream last night, I dreamt I had woken up, got up and when I looked on the bed there was a locket and inscribed on it was 'With love on your 18th Birthday from Mum and Grandma.' Strange thing was I woke up for real then and got up and there was no sign of any locket, but the weird thing was the waking up and getting up were just the same!

I watched the film today Tea with Mussolini as I am just relaxing and taking it easy in the hope I do make it off the Steroids this time. Besides it is heavy rain outside so no point in going out. I am reading an interesting book about what was like for people living during the war. It is called Air Raids & Ration Books by Mike Brown and Carol Harris and it is a really well researched book and you learn a lot from reading this book.

So just a quiet Monday really, oh apart from nagging Miss C it sort out her untidy room and getting a lot of back chat! 

Evening all x x x

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day 184

What is a girl to do dear Reader? When Formula One is on the television all day thanks to the hubby now having the Formula One HD channel. So not only do we have the race for a few hours, but we have two days non-stop of little cars racing around their little track as the day before it is qualifying. So again I ask What is a girl to do dear Reader? 

Well this girl got her head stuck in a fabulous Mills & Boon book the perfect place to escape. Romance and steamy scenes the Mills & Boon are famous for. And yes I still cannot believe my Gran read this racy read. Having lots of time to read is fantastic like days like these. Not having to put a book down and reading a book from beginning to end is a perfect Sunday.

Well I say that I did have to play hokey cokey with my washing for a while in out because it did keep raining and then the sun would come out and then rain again so was up and down there for a short while but still managed to read a whole book. 

I am now down to three steroids again, but feeling good. So hopefully I will not be visiting the hospital in the middle of the night. My appointment for the specialist has come through and they have arranged the appointment really fast, which is excellent considering how busy they are at the hospital. I am to be in for a few hours and so hopefully this will be a great help to me and a solution will be found to help me to come of Steroids. I know Immune System drugs have been mentioned so will know more once I attend the appointment.

Not long to wait now.

Evening all x x x

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Day 183

Well I think this will be my last day in summer clothes, dear Reader, the weather looks to have really changed now and I cannot stand to be cold. Down came the rain again too. I am back down to four steroids and really hoping that another mad dash to the hospital is not looming as I go down to three steroids tomorrow. I don't think I have the energy for it now!

I just read somewhere about the word 'Should.' It was a really interesting read. It said that the word 'should' should not be used really. Because it gives people unrealistic expectations about what people 'Should' do or 'Should' have done and I think it is quite right, dear Reader. I think no one can tell anyone what to do. Also some people think they can say things to people when really they should look at their own lives and their own behaviour first before they throw "Should" at other people. Do you agree, dear Reader? 

It amazes me how  people can behave and yet feel they can pass judgement on others and you make no comment about their behaviour, but they pick on you about every little thing and again the word 'Should' comes out to play. I have learnt in my thirty-nine years not to expect anything from anyone and that way you have no disappointment in people. I also back away now immediately from rude and bitter people. Why have them in your life passing the fact that they are unhappy and unfulfilled in their lives and misdirecting their anger on you and causing unnessessary trouble. Who needs it. I like to keep my life simple. I also am content and grateful for all that I have so if I am happy in my life why have people in it who try and spoil your happiness?

So I think the 'Should' word 'Should' be banned. We would have no self-doubt either and we would always be sure of what we did was the right decision and I am happy and content with all the decisions and how I am living my life. I have found my inner peace and I am calm!

Evening all x x x

Friday, 6 September 2013

Day 182

Expect the unexpected today, dear Reader, earlier on this afternoon Mr L had just walked in through the door and went straight upstairs and he had only made it about three steps up... I was in the living room ironing when there was this almighty bang and the next thing I am looking at a Blue Ford Fiesta on my lawn only yards away from the house.

It would seem that due to the heavy rain the driver was coming down our cul-de-sac too fast and ended up skidding hitting our wheelie bin at speed. The wheelie bin was at the bottom but on our drive because it is bin collection day ending up on our front lawn, but managing to steer the car away from hitting the house just in time.

My first reaction was to go out and make sure that the driver was okay, When I got outside he was already out of the car and trying to push his badly damaged car off my lawn. He never spoke, never said a word to me. My neighbour who lives opposite came over, he had seen it all happen due to he was out tinkering with his motorbike and he himself had a lucky escape if it had skidded the other way he would have been hit. So for him and Mr L it was a lucky escape.

This was completely unexpected we live in a quiet cul-de-sac and not a main road. It just goes to show, dear Reader, if you have speed in any wet conditions the danger is always there. The car was so badly damaged it had to be towed away. He hit the bin at such speed. 

So it was up to me to clear the mess, luckily no damage even the bin seems to have remained intact after been hit at force.

Not what I was expecting for my start to the weekend but luckily no harm done. 

Evening all x x x

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Day 181

A big day for Mr L today, dear Reader, he started college. It does not seem like a moment ago he was four and starting school. Now at six foot three he is now all grown up and fast approaching seventeen, so it will be driving lessons for him really soon too. Mr L really enjoyed college so that is a good start. I really enjoyed myself at college and I hope he does too (without the drinking).

We have had a lot of dragonflies in the park recently. I listened to the radio today and there was a guy on talking about them. They are quite big the ones in the park and what amazed me is the guy on the radio said they can bite!  Blimey will not be encouraging any dragonfly interaction anytime soon! 

Speaking of dragonflies I have noticed a lot of them making a mysteries appearance in the great comedy show Mrs Brown's Boys. Have you noticed this dear Reader? They are on mugs, cushions and stickers on laptops in the show and no reference (unless I have missed it laughing out loud) as been made to what they are all about.

I do love a comedy that makes you laugh out loud and Mrs Brown's Boys is the best comedy to appear on television for a long time. Hope to go see the live performances at some stage.  Which is going to be good because the whole family enjoy the show so it will be something we can all go together. Family outing!

Evening all x x x

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Day 180

I had a good clutter clear out today, dear Reader, decluttering the house in the hope to reduce dust and therefore my allergy to dust mites. I don't know about the house looking much better and us now having more space, it also as made me feel so much better too! So as I countdown my steroids again lets hope I make it off the steroids this time.

My allergy specialist got back in touch and I have an appointment with them really soon and the topic of some new immune system drugs as come up for me to try, which if I don't have to take the steroids anymore would be fantastic. If I didn't have the flair up either that would be good too! Also the mad 2am dashes to the hospital I could do without too!

Miss C has returned back to school and is home now and cracking on with her homework... hope this lasts because it is her GCSE years now. 

And... Strictly Come Dancing returns this Saturday. I love dancing. It seems to have come around to the new series fast this year, usually it seems to take for ages for Strictly Season to kickoff again. But it's here at last Saturday sequences and panache! Can't wait...

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Day 179

2am, dear Reader, and I find myself in hospital again. I was doing so well this time and yesterday I felt good, in fact better than I have done since my allergy re-started. The hospital staff as ever have been fantastic and I am now pumped full of meds again. 

Sitting here you can see and observe just how much people take for granted these great people. People can be so rude and downright horrible to the staff here at the hospital. Demanding and just being so rude. How do they put up with it day in day out? Dedication must be the answer. Why are they on such low wages? Makes you sick in itself thinking of over paid footballers and other media professions. I understand it is a stressful time when we or a loved one are in hospital but to get cross at staff and treat them with no respect makes me so angry and on the steroids angrier!

So I am back up to full steroids. I just avoided an injection in my bottom again! And it is back to my own GP later this afternoon to review my meds. In order for the tests to be done to find my latest trigger you do have to be off all meds for five days, so nothing really anyone can do about that at the moment. Although I expect now I will be referred back to my specialist and epipens are something which I now need as soon as possible according to the doctors.

I would like to say a big thank you to all doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other staff who are helping me through my worst side of my allergy. I am grateful for their time and kind concern that as been shown to me during this extremely difficult time. I have the confidence that I am in good hands and I know that I have done everything for myself to control my symptoms and eliminate my triggers and that each and everyone of you have been kind enough to step in and get me the much needed help and meds I have needed and always fast too.

When I started this blog, I wanted to fill it with exciting things to try before I was forty. I wanted to fill it with wonderful adventures. But it became more of an allergy blog, which as allowed me to meet other allergy sufferers and I would like to thank you too for your kind support and educating me more about 'our condition' sometimes things do not go as we planned, but sometimes this works out for the better and this has been a huge help to me. I know I have made some friends for life.

Evening all x x x

Monday, 2 September 2013

Day 178

September is here already and there is a feeling of autumn in the air. The weather has changed already and this year with my allergy I feel this summer passed me by dear Reader. I never even really got the chance to wear my summer wardrobe, my poorly, sore allergy skin made it unbearable for me to get dressed at time, so spend a lot of time in my nightie! But even with or without the allergy we have had to also put things on hold and give things up due to Mr L's operation too. There will always be things he cannot do and find hard and at times painful until he as the metal bars removed from his chest.

I noticed a lot of my friends have started their Christmas shopping. I really enjoy this too buying for family and friends, but before Christmas it is Mr L's seventeenth birthday and he will start his driving lessons. iI is also the hubby's birthday too. We are taking family out and treating them to a nice top meal in a posh restaurant. We don't get to see our extended family and parents all that often so when we do it is nice to have good times and happy memories.

I am really looking forward to Christmas this year, dear Reader, last year Mr L's operation was still heavily on our minds. It is the worst thing having to watch your child have a major operation and still by Christmas he was recovering and we were worried about him travelling far in the car, especially at that time of year when you know the roads are going to be bad due to the weather. The cold weather also affects Mr L worse and travelling in the car can be uncomfortable. We added an extra thirty minutes to the journey too to pick up relatives on the way, so we knew we would have to be straight home after our visit. It is always on our minds that Mr L can only be treated at Alder Hey Hospital for his condition.

But although his condition is still basically the same, it is now over a year since is operation and we know as long as we stick to our travel arrangements or leave early if he feels unwell. We can still have a lovely time with family at Christmas. Mr L will most likely have the bars in for another couple of years and family and friends have been really understanding about what he can and can't do. Support is one of the greatest things that can be given. It makes life so much easier. Especially when things are stressful enough and all your energy is wishing your son well and hoping everything is okay.

Well I am down to two steroids again tomorrow, dear Reader, so all are on alert! Hope I don't have a scary time again. Hospital are sending for me anytime now so they can do the tests that they could not complete at my last appointment, this time there will be no pointless and rude  interruptions or distractions. I will be having them no matter what!

Evening all x x x

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Day 177

I have noticed, dear Reader, that in our local park the number of people who have incredible large dogs of leads. Take this morning for example I have seen this woman a few times walking too very large and excitable Alsatians without leads. The dogs can run at you barking and snarling to which the owner just shrugs off as friendly and they will not hurt you behaviour.

The rules of the park are that dogs should be on leads at all time and I like dogs myself, but owners who know their dogs to be friendly and will not harm anyone need to know that having dogs running at you or children in a park is just not acceptable. It was clear that the owner had no control over her dogs after calling after them they did not take any notice what so ever of her. The people the dogs ran at barking and carrying on had young children who were clearly traumatised by the dogs. The park is a place for children and I should think that these young children will be in no hurry to come back and now see the park as something to be afraid of rather than a fun family place to pass  a Sunday.

I have seen much larger dogs off leads too. I know big dogs need their exercise but if you see people approaching and your dog is off a lead, why not just pop them on the lead until the people pass if you want them off leads. These dogs must look enormous to young children too. There is also a lot of wildlife in the park too which is another good reason for dogs to be on leads.

Thankfully no one was hurt after today's incident and eventually the dogs were back in the control of their owners. But for how long?

Evening all x x x