Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Day 187

Hello dear Reader, well I am back on and up to eight steroids again so you know the story by now! Oh well I am seeing the specialist next week so hopefully I will have this problem sorted really soon. I have actually just been asked by the allergy hospital I attend if I would be willing to take part in research for them to help find better medication and hopefully one day a cure for people who have such severe allergies like me.

I have decided to do this. They are not going to experiment new drugs on us or use us like guinea pigs. They simply are collecting data and samples from us to build up a database that they can use the information and samples to help in their research. So I think it is important for someone like me to take part in. If it helps other people too especially children with the condition and also it may help myself too I am all for it. So I have said yes.

So besides, dear Reader it is my chance to go to university as it is in the hospital university! So there you go. Aged thirty-nine I make it to university.

Evening all x x x

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