Monday, 2 September 2013

Day 178

September is here already and there is a feeling of autumn in the air. The weather has changed already and this year with my allergy I feel this summer passed me by dear Reader. I never even really got the chance to wear my summer wardrobe, my poorly, sore allergy skin made it unbearable for me to get dressed at time, so spend a lot of time in my nightie! But even with or without the allergy we have had to also put things on hold and give things up due to Mr L's operation too. There will always be things he cannot do and find hard and at times painful until he as the metal bars removed from his chest.

I noticed a lot of my friends have started their Christmas shopping. I really enjoy this too buying for family and friends, but before Christmas it is Mr L's seventeenth birthday and he will start his driving lessons. iI is also the hubby's birthday too. We are taking family out and treating them to a nice top meal in a posh restaurant. We don't get to see our extended family and parents all that often so when we do it is nice to have good times and happy memories.

I am really looking forward to Christmas this year, dear Reader, last year Mr L's operation was still heavily on our minds. It is the worst thing having to watch your child have a major operation and still by Christmas he was recovering and we were worried about him travelling far in the car, especially at that time of year when you know the roads are going to be bad due to the weather. The cold weather also affects Mr L worse and travelling in the car can be uncomfortable. We added an extra thirty minutes to the journey too to pick up relatives on the way, so we knew we would have to be straight home after our visit. It is always on our minds that Mr L can only be treated at Alder Hey Hospital for his condition.

But although his condition is still basically the same, it is now over a year since is operation and we know as long as we stick to our travel arrangements or leave early if he feels unwell. We can still have a lovely time with family at Christmas. Mr L will most likely have the bars in for another couple of years and family and friends have been really understanding about what he can and can't do. Support is one of the greatest things that can be given. It makes life so much easier. Especially when things are stressful enough and all your energy is wishing your son well and hoping everything is okay.

Well I am down to two steroids again tomorrow, dear Reader, so all are on alert! Hope I don't have a scary time again. Hospital are sending for me anytime now so they can do the tests that they could not complete at my last appointment, this time there will be no pointless and rude  interruptions or distractions. I will be having them no matter what!

Evening all x x x

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