Saturday, 14 September 2013

Day 190

I have made it dear Reader! Today is my first day off Steroids and now with only days to go before my appointment with the specialist, let's hope I can hang on until then. I am a little blotchy though. A little eczema has also broken out, but so far I am in control. It is nothing like as bad as what it as been and hopefully with the specialist's help this week I will finally back to normal in no time! Fingers crossed dear Reader!

Like I have said before, dear Reader, when you have things going on with your health you do learn and see just how many people do create problems and trouble over nothing. How these small things do not matter. Has long you have your health enjoy life, get the most out of life because you never do know what is around the corner. Be nice to everyone and those who are not nice to you just walk away from them.

Live life to the full, enjoy it and share it with the people who love and respect you and who want to spend time with you.

Evening all x x x

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