Thursday, 5 September 2013

Day 181

A big day for Mr L today, dear Reader, he started college. It does not seem like a moment ago he was four and starting school. Now at six foot three he is now all grown up and fast approaching seventeen, so it will be driving lessons for him really soon too. Mr L really enjoyed college so that is a good start. I really enjoyed myself at college and I hope he does too (without the drinking).

We have had a lot of dragonflies in the park recently. I listened to the radio today and there was a guy on talking about them. They are quite big the ones in the park and what amazed me is the guy on the radio said they can bite!  Blimey will not be encouraging any dragonfly interaction anytime soon! 

Speaking of dragonflies I have noticed a lot of them making a mysteries appearance in the great comedy show Mrs Brown's Boys. Have you noticed this dear Reader? They are on mugs, cushions and stickers on laptops in the show and no reference (unless I have missed it laughing out loud) as been made to what they are all about.

I do love a comedy that makes you laugh out loud and Mrs Brown's Boys is the best comedy to appear on television for a long time. Hope to go see the live performances at some stage.  Which is going to be good because the whole family enjoy the show so it will be something we can all go together. Family outing!

Evening all x x x

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