Thursday, 12 September 2013

Day 188, dear Reader,I have not slept properly for weeks. Maybe it is down to the steroids. I do take them on a morning so no idea why I can't sleep. It is amazing what goes through your mind isn't it dear Reader? When you are just laying there wanting sleep to creep over you.  I should get up and read really, but somewhere I read that if you just lay still it is as good as getting a good night rest. 

Well it may have been working but today I am exhausted. I went out today for a good long walk in the hope this helps me to sleep tonight. Mr L came with me so it was nice to have a bit of company. Even if he did wear his headphones!

I think well I might as well get up early at six, only for six am to come around and I will have fallen lightly to sleep, and be so far gone that I am too tired now to get up early. So I would say I am managing about a whole hours sleep a night. I do get up early at seven, so I do think it is down to these silly steroids. But if they are suppose to give you energy that is wearing off now too.

Well on the positive, I am managing not to get cranky and I have not yet put any odd objects in the fridge. A habit of mine usually when I am tired. A little clumsy I am though too. Now finally able to manage trousers after not been able to wear them with my sore skin I did go and spill my dinner down them!

So I hope sleep returns to me and I can finally get some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs

Evening all x x x

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