Saturday, 7 September 2013

Day 183

Well I think this will be my last day in summer clothes, dear Reader, the weather looks to have really changed now and I cannot stand to be cold. Down came the rain again too. I am back down to four steroids and really hoping that another mad dash to the hospital is not looming as I go down to three steroids tomorrow. I don't think I have the energy for it now!

I just read somewhere about the word 'Should.' It was a really interesting read. It said that the word 'should' should not be used really. Because it gives people unrealistic expectations about what people 'Should' do or 'Should' have done and I think it is quite right, dear Reader. I think no one can tell anyone what to do. Also some people think they can say things to people when really they should look at their own lives and their own behaviour first before they throw "Should" at other people. Do you agree, dear Reader? 

It amazes me how  people can behave and yet feel they can pass judgement on others and you make no comment about their behaviour, but they pick on you about every little thing and again the word 'Should' comes out to play. I have learnt in my thirty-nine years not to expect anything from anyone and that way you have no disappointment in people. I also back away now immediately from rude and bitter people. Why have them in your life passing the fact that they are unhappy and unfulfilled in their lives and misdirecting their anger on you and causing unnessessary trouble. Who needs it. I like to keep my life simple. I also am content and grateful for all that I have so if I am happy in my life why have people in it who try and spoil your happiness?

So I think the 'Should' word 'Should' be banned. We would have no self-doubt either and we would always be sure of what we did was the right decision and I am happy and content with all the decisions and how I am living my life. I have found my inner peace and I am calm!

Evening all x x x

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