Saturday, 21 September 2013

Day 197

Awake this morning and not to a good start, dear Reader, two badly swollen eyes staring back at me in the mirror. My eyes can swell quite bad with my allergy and I had hoped that with all the recent improvement that this would not happen. So it is a set back really, but I am managing and there is no need to go to the hospital so hopefully I continue the plan my specialist gave me to wean me of the steroids.

I suppose with all the difficulty I have had coming off steroids, I suppose that they are not going to go with out a fight. So I look at my eyes swelling as one last stand from the steroids. A last attempt for them to try and push my dose back up to eight. But I shall stand strong dear Reader and continue to fight them off.

So on the down side, stuck in again, I mean who wants to go out with puffy eyes? I did make it to Mr L's college the other night but after an hour I could have done with cappuccino power as I was flagging again. But it was a good meeting learning more about the college and what Mr L was doing and going to be doing. 

When we went into the college outside there was a sign advertising Costa Coffee. Which just so happens to be the brand of cafe in the hospital that I had my first cappuccino. Great I thought, just perfect, I can get my drin, but the college cafe was not opened and we were not offered any beverages. We always used to be offered a drink at these places but no more.

It is nice when friends ask you round their houses for a drink. Recently I was asked to go out of my way to meet someone in a road or alley so they could give me something. I was thinking why when we would have come all that way could they not have asked us to go to their house for a drink,especially when they have been round to mine loads of times. It was the same with birthdays we would always invite them to be involved in our birthdays even treated them to meals, but we never got asked to theirs or got bought a meal back. Not too bothered about being bought a meal back, but would have been nice to have been invited to be a part of their birthdays. It was only recently that my blinkers came off and I just saw how incredibly selfish these people are.

The eyes have gone down now... they look like two deflated balloons. Not a good look at all!

Evening all x x x

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