Sunday, 1 September 2013

Day 177

I have noticed, dear Reader, that in our local park the number of people who have incredible large dogs of leads. Take this morning for example I have seen this woman a few times walking too very large and excitable Alsatians without leads. The dogs can run at you barking and snarling to which the owner just shrugs off as friendly and they will not hurt you behaviour.

The rules of the park are that dogs should be on leads at all time and I like dogs myself, but owners who know their dogs to be friendly and will not harm anyone need to know that having dogs running at you or children in a park is just not acceptable. It was clear that the owner had no control over her dogs after calling after them they did not take any notice what so ever of her. The people the dogs ran at barking and carrying on had young children who were clearly traumatised by the dogs. The park is a place for children and I should think that these young children will be in no hurry to come back and now see the park as something to be afraid of rather than a fun family place to pass  a Sunday.

I have seen much larger dogs off leads too. I know big dogs need their exercise but if you see people approaching and your dog is off a lead, why not just pop them on the lead until the people pass if you want them off leads. These dogs must look enormous to young children too. There is also a lot of wildlife in the park too which is another good reason for dogs to be on leads.

Thankfully no one was hurt after today's incident and eventually the dogs were back in the control of their owners. But for how long?

Evening all x x x

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