Monday, 23 September 2013

Day 200

Well after nights of not sleeping, I decided to bring the duvet downstairs this afternoon and try a day-time nap, dear Reader, only to find I still could not sleep. So I just lay there still not moving under my duvet eyes closed and do you know, dear Reader it actually did make me feel a little better after only managing to stay still for about a whole hour.

I did feel recharged and refreshed. But I do hope I sleep tonight, dear Reader. I have noticed that when you can't sleep the time through the night seems to go really fast and it is morning before you know it. The steroids should be completely out of my system soon so I hope with this my sleep will come back to me. 

Because I am tired now, dear Reader, tired of not sleeping. I need sleep. I have even tried counting sheep!

Evening all x x x

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