Sunday, 29 September 2013

Day 206

Good news, dear Reader, I have now been off the steroids for almost one week! I know how exciting is that!? Only downside is that one of the side effects of the steroids is that it completely drains all the moisture out of your skin, so just like when you have been badly sun burnt it is much the same after a bad allergic reaction. You peel, but you peel all over your body. Some actually have it like a snake when it sheds large chunks of skin which they actually have to cut off at times. I am one of the lucky ones and mine is just peel.

Although I count myself as one of the lucky ones this is incredibly painful, dear Reader, and most of all uncomfortable--especially when you wake up on a morning. You just are like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz--very stiff. Covered everywhere and I mean everywhere in horrible dry flaky skin. Even after a bath and moisturising it is still sore and awful. You can't go anywhere really because you start to peel again and leave flakes everywhere and let me tell you, dear Reader, it is shocking just how much skin us humans can shed.

Although after a bath or shower it is not as bad as when you wake up on a morning, you still lose a lot of skin. Bed sheets have to be changed and although for us allergy sufferers it is only a temporary measure it is just horrible.

But they tell me if I make it what is called the final recovery stage of recovery from a bad allergic reaction, my skin will be better than ever and after all, dear Reader people do pay money to have chemical skin peels. So I have to stick it out. I try to forget about it as much as I can, take my mind off it. I also tell myself it is just all the bad damaged allergy skin coming off and that soon I will have normal nice looking healthy skin.

When you are out you cannot help but look at people and think, they just get dressed on a morning and come out.For me it takes ages putting cream on and even then when I am out it is uncomfortable. You think do know how lucky they are?   I now empathise with people with allergies and eczema and any other skin conditions, because I know their pain and discomfort.

Evening all x x x

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