Monday, 9 September 2013

Day 185

Well I am now safely down to two steroids today and I am doing okay dear Reader. No mad dash off to the hospital during the night.  A big improvement only two days to go and hopefully I will make it off the Steroids--fingers crossed.

I had a strange dream last night, I dreamt I had woken up, got up and when I looked on the bed there was a locket and inscribed on it was 'With love on your 18th Birthday from Mum and Grandma.' Strange thing was I woke up for real then and got up and there was no sign of any locket, but the weird thing was the waking up and getting up were just the same!

I watched the film today Tea with Mussolini as I am just relaxing and taking it easy in the hope I do make it off the Steroids this time. Besides it is heavy rain outside so no point in going out. I am reading an interesting book about what was like for people living during the war. It is called Air Raids & Ration Books by Mike Brown and Carol Harris and it is a really well researched book and you learn a lot from reading this book.

So just a quiet Monday really, oh apart from nagging Miss C it sort out her untidy room and getting a lot of back chat! 

Evening all x x x

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