Sunday, 26 January 2014

Day 325









NUMBER THREE:  TOWELS LEFT ON BATHROOM FLOOR. (Hang on that does not count as it could come under untidiness) So we will change it to:-




Saturday, 18 January 2014

Day 317

Well it is almost a month now since I began to take my new meds, to switch of my Immune System and to keep me immuno-suppressed and one of the down-sides and effects is high blood pressure and over the last few days this has been a problem for me. Not as bad though as when I was rushed into hospital time and time again seriously ill and my blood pressure dropping quickly. That was a awful feeling of floating up and down and feeling really ill and sick. This is more of a fuzzy head feeling warm and light-headed.  I find when I am active it can get worse. Cleaning for example when you are picking things up and getting up and down. After vacuumning I feel like I have done a full work-out. And today something as simple as changing the bin-bag and the lid dropping in the bin, resulting in me wrestling with the bin, did not help!

So I have been resting whenever I can. I think once I get use to these new meds then hopefully, things will settle down. I do have my blood pressure checked every week and my bloods. In fact yesterday having my bloods done I felt nothing, and I thought any moment now the nurse taking my blood will say she can't get any blood from my vein, and after start messing around for another vein. But no she took my bloods so well I never felt a thing. I have had that many done now I know which is my best arm and it always works. I am just use to it.

Next week I am back seeing my specialist and pretty soon I will not have an Immune System. I also saw my allergy specialist a couple of days ago too. So I am being well looked after now and I feel I am in good hands!

People keep asking me what will happen if you catch a cold? Well yes things could be serious for me and not just colds but other infections too, but it is no more dangerous as it was me being rushed into hospital all the time.  So I see this as a positive and I am not dwelling on what could happen. My skin is clear and I do feel so much better.

But blood pressure is one thing I will also have to watch. That could be a big thing for me too, that could make me really ill too. But all in all things are looking up! Not felt this good in ages! Be dusting down my roller-skates in no time!

Evening all x x x

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Day 310

For sometime, dear Reader I have noticed that some post has not been arriving to my door. Brought to my attention by friends and family who have posted letters, cards and gifts to me, I have been a little slow to do anything about it. We are still getting post but it would seem we have lost quite a lot now over the last year. 

So when I almost missed an important specialist appointment, due to me not getting the letter with the appointment date, I felt now was the time I must act and do something. So I decided to give the Post Office a call and report it.

Now the Post Office have one of those annoying and frustrating systems that when you call, you don't get to chat to a human for ages. Menus and pressing a number to select the option which is relevant to you follow, followed by more option menus and pressing numbers. Followed by more option and menus... You get the picture, dear Reader! It takes quite a while to get through the system until you get to a human voice.

But I knew I had to do this in a polite and calm manner. Never easy to complain about anything, so when I finally got through to a human, I had decide be nice and friendly. So this is what I did. Only for it to become clear to me that the customer service person I was chatting too was actually really grumpy and to put it politely A COMPLETE ARSE! But I stayed calm and friendly while he asked me to provide dates not of only when letters went missing, but to when the person had actually posted them out. Telling me I would have to call them and ask them for the exact date. I could give him even those dates as family and friends had told me not only the date they had posted it but where they had posted it, and most of them who they had seen in town and with whom! All done by me in a lovely polite and lovely way. Even my nurse had told me when my specialist letter was sent out too.

Only for Mr Grumpy (who never did tell me his name) to reply as I went through the dates "YOU ARE JUST SAYING THAT" And he promptly hung up on me!!!!! I was really shocked. You just do not expect this type of behaviour from such a well known brand and company do you? I felt ill straight away, probably down to it affecting my blood pressure as I do get stressed the thought of missing my appointments and it could lead to me not getting my medication and them running out so I found this most upsetting.

But knowing I needed to sort out my missing mail problem. I knew I had to call back. So again I did. Having to go all the way through the system again. When I got through this time to get through to a lovely girl called Jane or Jayne however she may spell it! The difference she was really friendly and nice. I too stayed calm and although the last person had made me feel cross. I was polite and explained to Jane/Jayne what had happened. She even gave me an apology. She sorted out my problem fast and listened carefully to everything I explained to her.  So hopefully the case of my missing mail will soon be solved.

But it does makes you question how do these people get jobs and then still keep them? I think of all the people trying so hard in the current climate to get jobs and have no luck. Yet people like that get them and seem to be able to keep them. I am so glad people like Jane/Jayne are good at their jobs. But to the W*****R that dealt with me first very clever not giving me your name... However after a chat with high Post Office it turns out ALL CALLS ARE RECORDED! So lets hope this turns out to be a fare exchange at the Dole Office, a person who is willing to work and be good at their job for an arse who needs a wake up call and a spell of unemployment to change his seriously bad attitude!

Evening all x x x

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Day 306

There is nothing more frustrating, dear Reader, than having to chase things up, and this is what I have found myself doing over the past few days. Unable to see my usual GP due to the Christmas holidays, I went and visited a different one. It was important I went as some of my repeat prescription was on review, and it is vital that I do not run out of my meds. So as I had not seen this GP before I explained all this to them. I did think it was unusual because usually I am given a prescription straight away so I do not run out. So thinking that they just wanted me to do this myself by ordering what I needed on repeat, this is what I tried to do, only to find to my horror that the doctor had not reviewed my meds, put it through (even though they said they would do this) and I could not order or get my much needed meds.

So another quick dash to the doctors and I am told there is nothing they can do for a couple of days. Then a couple of days later I get the prescription only to find that my local chemist do not have my meds in stock!  I feel quite cross about this because finally things for me have improved a lot on my new drugs and this can really set me back and it is just so unnecessary. 

Not only that it makes me stressed! And my blood pressure goes up! (Something that in my condition is checked weekly and needs watching) The thought of myself getting ill again just because of something silly just like this! Most of the doctors are very good and always make sure I have plenty of meds, but during my time being ill I have seen a couple who, well lets say if I was in serious difficulty and they turned up to help me, I would be inclined to say "No thank you" "I will take my chances!"

Evening all x x x

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Day 304

Well last night, dear Reader, I could not sleep. I blame a late night Chinese take-away and a Lucozade I consumed too, far too late at night. So sponsored by Lucozade I did what only one can as you lie awake at night unable to sleep... I made plans! BIG plans. And I problem solved at the same time!

I decided to swap my teen's bedrooms. At the moment Mr L as the bigger room and all he does when he is in there is either sleep or on his media desk, computing, or watching TV, or on his Game consoles. He now does not have as much stuff as Miss C, and Miss C would benefit a lot from the fitted closet in the room too. Both bedrooms are now in need of decorating so as we have to empty the rooms to do this anyway, it would be the perfect opportunity to swap them rooms and for them to have a great big clear out too.

So there I lay all night measuring up mentally fitting thing in the rooms in my head, making sure everything would fit. Miss C would now have more room for her group of friends to fit in her room, and for doing her wonderful drawings etc. While Mr L as long as he as a bed and media desk he will be happy.

The trouble is with me is that when I come up with these bright ideas, I really want to crack on and get it done A.S.A.P. I could have easily got the kids up and begun to empty a room, and as soon as B&Q opened been down there (letting the kids choose their own paint colour of course) and had a room done and painted by the end of the day. Realistically I know this would be impossible and I will have to wait, made harder because due to my allergies I can't actually do half the work anyway!

So when my hubby awoke. I presented my ideas with a powerful plan... All I needed was a power point and I had given it my all. What a presentation! But what usually happens when I have my brilliant ideas is that the hubby is not always convinced, and I have to really present my case well. "It will never fit" "No we can't do it" Will be the kind of things that I will hear. Now sometimes it can take me a hour, sometimes a week, sometimes a month, sometimes a few months, or sometimes a year or even years.... But eventually the hubby will see that I am right and that it really was a fantastic idea! Not however when he gets grumpy doing the D.I.Y and the painting. This will be when it is all done and dusted and the hard work forgotten about!

Evening all x x x

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Day 300

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Dear Reader and welcome to the year 2014! 

My New Year Resolutions.

1. To stop worrying. ( I do worry a lot.) (Although not as much as I use to.)

2. To stop being annoying. (I think sometimes I can be annoying.) (Just a feeling)

3. To stop talking so much. (I think the reason I can be annoying is that I talk too much.)

4. To stop waffling on. ( I think a long with the talking I may waffle on too.)

5. To get back to the gym. 

6. To know you can't please everyone all the time and to just walk away.

7. To work with my specialists to have a much healthier year.

8. To read and review over three hundred books this year.

9. To spend as much time with my family as possible doing fun and family things.

10. To stay positive and happy.

Evening all x x x