Sunday, 5 January 2014

Day 304

Well last night, dear Reader, I could not sleep. I blame a late night Chinese take-away and a Lucozade I consumed too, far too late at night. So sponsored by Lucozade I did what only one can as you lie awake at night unable to sleep... I made plans! BIG plans. And I problem solved at the same time!

I decided to swap my teen's bedrooms. At the moment Mr L as the bigger room and all he does when he is in there is either sleep or on his media desk, computing, or watching TV, or on his Game consoles. He now does not have as much stuff as Miss C, and Miss C would benefit a lot from the fitted closet in the room too. Both bedrooms are now in need of decorating so as we have to empty the rooms to do this anyway, it would be the perfect opportunity to swap them rooms and for them to have a great big clear out too.

So there I lay all night measuring up mentally fitting thing in the rooms in my head, making sure everything would fit. Miss C would now have more room for her group of friends to fit in her room, and for doing her wonderful drawings etc. While Mr L as long as he as a bed and media desk he will be happy.

The trouble is with me is that when I come up with these bright ideas, I really want to crack on and get it done A.S.A.P. I could have easily got the kids up and begun to empty a room, and as soon as B&Q opened been down there (letting the kids choose their own paint colour of course) and had a room done and painted by the end of the day. Realistically I know this would be impossible and I will have to wait, made harder because due to my allergies I can't actually do half the work anyway!

So when my hubby awoke. I presented my ideas with a powerful plan... All I needed was a power point and I had given it my all. What a presentation! But what usually happens when I have my brilliant ideas is that the hubby is not always convinced, and I have to really present my case well. "It will never fit" "No we can't do it" Will be the kind of things that I will hear. Now sometimes it can take me a hour, sometimes a week, sometimes a month, sometimes a few months, or sometimes a year or even years.... But eventually the hubby will see that I am right and that it really was a fantastic idea! Not however when he gets grumpy doing the D.I.Y and the painting. This will be when it is all done and dusted and the hard work forgotten about!

Evening all x x x

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