Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Day 300

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Dear Reader and welcome to the year 2014! 

My New Year Resolutions.

1. To stop worrying. ( I do worry a lot.) (Although not as much as I use to.)

2. To stop being annoying. (I think sometimes I can be annoying.) (Just a feeling)

3. To stop talking so much. (I think the reason I can be annoying is that I talk too much.)

4. To stop waffling on. ( I think a long with the talking I may waffle on too.)

5. To get back to the gym. 

6. To know you can't please everyone all the time and to just walk away.

7. To work with my specialists to have a much healthier year.

8. To read and review over three hundred books this year.

9. To spend as much time with my family as possible doing fun and family things.

10. To stay positive and happy.

Evening all x x x

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