Saturday, 18 January 2014

Day 317

Well it is almost a month now since I began to take my new meds, to switch of my Immune System and to keep me immuno-suppressed and one of the down-sides and effects is high blood pressure and over the last few days this has been a problem for me. Not as bad though as when I was rushed into hospital time and time again seriously ill and my blood pressure dropping quickly. That was a awful feeling of floating up and down and feeling really ill and sick. This is more of a fuzzy head feeling warm and light-headed.  I find when I am active it can get worse. Cleaning for example when you are picking things up and getting up and down. After vacuumning I feel like I have done a full work-out. And today something as simple as changing the bin-bag and the lid dropping in the bin, resulting in me wrestling with the bin, did not help!

So I have been resting whenever I can. I think once I get use to these new meds then hopefully, things will settle down. I do have my blood pressure checked every week and my bloods. In fact yesterday having my bloods done I felt nothing, and I thought any moment now the nurse taking my blood will say she can't get any blood from my vein, and after start messing around for another vein. But no she took my bloods so well I never felt a thing. I have had that many done now I know which is my best arm and it always works. I am just use to it.

Next week I am back seeing my specialist and pretty soon I will not have an Immune System. I also saw my allergy specialist a couple of days ago too. So I am being well looked after now and I feel I am in good hands!

People keep asking me what will happen if you catch a cold? Well yes things could be serious for me and not just colds but other infections too, but it is no more dangerous as it was me being rushed into hospital all the time.  So I see this as a positive and I am not dwelling on what could happen. My skin is clear and I do feel so much better.

But blood pressure is one thing I will also have to watch. That could be a big thing for me too, that could make me really ill too. But all in all things are looking up! Not felt this good in ages! Be dusting down my roller-skates in no time!

Evening all x x x

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