Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Day 306

There is nothing more frustrating, dear Reader, than having to chase things up, and this is what I have found myself doing over the past few days. Unable to see my usual GP due to the Christmas holidays, I went and visited a different one. It was important I went as some of my repeat prescription was on review, and it is vital that I do not run out of my meds. So as I had not seen this GP before I explained all this to them. I did think it was unusual because usually I am given a prescription straight away so I do not run out. So thinking that they just wanted me to do this myself by ordering what I needed on repeat, this is what I tried to do, only to find to my horror that the doctor had not reviewed my meds, put it through (even though they said they would do this) and I could not order or get my much needed meds.

So another quick dash to the doctors and I am told there is nothing they can do for a couple of days. Then a couple of days later I get the prescription only to find that my local chemist do not have my meds in stock!  I feel quite cross about this because finally things for me have improved a lot on my new drugs and this can really set me back and it is just so unnecessary. 

Not only that it makes me stressed! And my blood pressure goes up! (Something that in my condition is checked weekly and needs watching) The thought of myself getting ill again just because of something silly just like this! Most of the doctors are very good and always make sure I have plenty of meds, but during my time being ill I have seen a couple who, well lets say if I was in serious difficulty and they turned up to help me, I would be inclined to say "No thank you" "I will take my chances!"

Evening all x x x

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