Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Day 180

I had a good clutter clear out today, dear Reader, decluttering the house in the hope to reduce dust and therefore my allergy to dust mites. I don't know about the house looking much better and us now having more space, it also as made me feel so much better too! So as I countdown my steroids again lets hope I make it off the steroids this time.

My allergy specialist got back in touch and I have an appointment with them really soon and the topic of some new immune system drugs as come up for me to try, which if I don't have to take the steroids anymore would be fantastic. If I didn't have the flair up either that would be good too! Also the mad 2am dashes to the hospital I could do without too!

Miss C has returned back to school and is home now and cracking on with her homework... hope this lasts because it is her GCSE years now. 

And... Strictly Come Dancing returns this Saturday. I love dancing. It seems to have come around to the new series fast this year, usually it seems to take for ages for Strictly Season to kickoff again. But it's here at last Saturday sequences and panache! Can't wait...

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