Friday, 6 September 2013

Day 182

Expect the unexpected today, dear Reader, earlier on this afternoon Mr L had just walked in through the door and went straight upstairs and he had only made it about three steps up... I was in the living room ironing when there was this almighty bang and the next thing I am looking at a Blue Ford Fiesta on my lawn only yards away from the house.

It would seem that due to the heavy rain the driver was coming down our cul-de-sac too fast and ended up skidding hitting our wheelie bin at speed. The wheelie bin was at the bottom but on our drive because it is bin collection day ending up on our front lawn, but managing to steer the car away from hitting the house just in time.

My first reaction was to go out and make sure that the driver was okay, When I got outside he was already out of the car and trying to push his badly damaged car off my lawn. He never spoke, never said a word to me. My neighbour who lives opposite came over, he had seen it all happen due to he was out tinkering with his motorbike and he himself had a lucky escape if it had skidded the other way he would have been hit. So for him and Mr L it was a lucky escape.

This was completely unexpected we live in a quiet cul-de-sac and not a main road. It just goes to show, dear Reader, if you have speed in any wet conditions the danger is always there. The car was so badly damaged it had to be towed away. He hit the bin at such speed. 

So it was up to me to clear the mess, luckily no damage even the bin seems to have remained intact after been hit at force.

Not what I was expecting for my start to the weekend but luckily no harm done. 

Evening all x x x


  1. Oh Wow!!! It's like my ball bearing incident!! Shakes you up a bit. Thanks goodness nobody was hurt. What a wally, though..

  2. Yes it is but luckily for me no damage unlike you. But lucky like you no one hurt. You can't help thinking what could have happen can you? In these situations. But trying to focus that all was OK in the end.