Thursday, 19 September 2013

Day 194

This morning I was up at silly o clock dear Reader to make it to the hospital first thing to see my allergy specialist. My appointment was at 9 m and it meant a drive into Manchester so the plan was to drop Miss C off at Breakfast club first thing and to try and avoid all the rush hour traffic. However Miss C as usual was not ready on time so we ended up sitting in traffic anyway but it was not too bad, we made it with enough time to call at the hospital cafe for a drink.

Usually hot chocolate is my drink when we go on these appointments but now with chocolate as one of my triggers this was now not an option. I had said to the hubby that I could not think what drink to have and that I was really struggling tired wise to get myself awake, I was flagging badly. so I would just pop in the loo to try and freshen myself up or my mind was most likely just going to go blank during the appointment.

To my surprise when I got into the cafe there was a drink waiting for me. It turns out my lovely hubby had bought me a cappuccino to wake me up. This is something I have never tried before and I am not usually a coffee person, I was more a tea drinker. He told me it would wake me up, and oh boy was he right! I felt the effect before I had even finished drinking it. He then told me he would have got me a double espresso but because I would not be use to it as it is stronger he though a cappuccino would do the job. I enjoyed my drink too. I would not say I would drink loads of it, but for an occasional drink that will do me.

So now bright and alert I headed to my appointment, which I have to say went very well. I am slowly being weaned off steroids and they put my Ani His tablets from one a day up to four a day, I am also going on immune system drugs which I will have to monitored regular and have blood tests. So all in all it went very well and I feel I am now a step closer to bringing my symptoms under control, more appointments will follow, but I will look forward to my cappochino from now on!!!

Evening all x x x

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