Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day 184

What is a girl to do dear Reader? When Formula One is on the television all day thanks to the hubby now having the Formula One HD channel. So not only do we have the race for a few hours, but we have two days non-stop of little cars racing around their little track as the day before it is qualifying. So again I ask What is a girl to do dear Reader? 

Well this girl got her head stuck in a fabulous Mills & Boon book the perfect place to escape. Romance and steamy scenes the Mills & Boon are famous for. And yes I still cannot believe my Gran read this racy read. Having lots of time to read is fantastic like days like these. Not having to put a book down and reading a book from beginning to end is a perfect Sunday.

Well I say that I did have to play hokey cokey with my washing for a while in out because it did keep raining and then the sun would come out and then rain again so was up and down there for a short while but still managed to read a whole book. 

I am now down to three steroids again, but feeling good. So hopefully I will not be visiting the hospital in the middle of the night. My appointment for the specialist has come through and they have arranged the appointment really fast, which is excellent considering how busy they are at the hospital. I am to be in for a few hours and so hopefully this will be a great help to me and a solution will be found to help me to come of Steroids. I know Immune System drugs have been mentioned so will know more once I attend the appointment.

Not long to wait now.

Evening all x x x

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