Thursday, 19 September 2013

Day 195

Well my meds are taking their time to kick in, dear Reader, but there as been a slight improvement so hopefully I am now on my way to getting sorted. I have to go into Mr L's college this evening not sure why or for what, but I am going anyway.

Just waiting for my appointment to come through with the dermatologist now. So I can see about these immune system drugs. This appointment will be in my local town so no travelling far or hopefully having to get up at silly o clock.

I hope to be back at the gym next week and back to 'normal' it is a funny thing when we no longer have control over our health and our bodies start to fail us. Try as hard as you can to get right but there is nothing you can do about it, but accept and have a lot of self-discipline to listen to specialist and doctors and follow their advice and change your life-style and adapt to what is now best for your body.

I cannot hide that I am ill either, the evidence is there for all to see with my poorly swollen skin so I could not hide it if I had wanted to. I can see why it would be easy to become down with my condition, but for me this was never an option. I think if you stay positive it is half the battle. And hopefully now I am winning the battle again!

Evening all x x x

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