Friday, 20 September 2013

Day 196

I see Downton Abbey is back on our screens really soon, dear Reader, but it will not be on my TV screen dear Reader. No way after what happened on the Christmas Day episode. There I was enjoying my Christmas and having a nice mince pie and shock, horror you didn't see that coming--off pops another leading actor. I think most people will have seen that episode by now and so I will not be spoiling it for anyone. 

I think Downton Abbey is now a victim of its own success and with its added success in America and many of the stars of the show going across the pond to cash in on the profile Downton Abbey has given them in the States and leaving Downton Abbey, I know the only way for those actors to leave is for the writers to kill them off--but why in the Christmas episode?

I know bad things still happen at Christmas, but not when you are wanting to watch Christmas television and feel all full of Christmas cheer. What happened in that episode completely spoilt the atmosphere and completely put me off my mince pie.

So that is it for me and Downnton Abbey here we part company and even if I have to spend my Christmas television viewing watching re-runs and old Christmas films so be it!

Evening all x x x

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