Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Day 186

I could get used to this resting and relaxing dear Reader. I am now down to onesSteroid and apart from a few little outbreaks on my skin, this is such an improvement on having to rush to the hospital. Hopefully tomorrow I will finally make it off the steroids and will be able to manage until I see the specialist next week.  So until the specialist appointment I am just taking it nice and easy.

Well the fast forward button on my Sky remote stopped working today, so my relaxing time catching up on the Sky Plus meant me having to sit through the advertisements. No matter how hard I hit that button it would not work. All the other buttons work just that one that as decided to not work. Oh will I be glad when I can get out and start living again!

My life would be hell... without post-it notes too. So many things to remember with regards to my allergy, it it was not for post-it notes chaos would have taken over. But they are keeping me organised and informed. In fact more easier than writing it in a diary. And at the moment, dear Reader, it is about as much excitement as I get writing something interesting on a post-it note to do with my allergy! 

Who am I kidding?! It is like watching paint dry! Roll on allergy appointment...

Evening all x x x

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