Sunday, 22 September 2013

Day 198

You can't beat Sunday lunch can you dear Reader? You know a proper traditional Sunday roast and I am so lucky my hubby loves to cook, so I have mine made for me every Sunday by him. My hubby is a fabulous cook too, he makes many homemade delights that are delicious. I of course cook if he as been working all day, but I think my mother-in law thinks old-fashioned and can not understand that the hubby actually likes cooking and that it is a woman's place to cook so I guess she thinks I am lazy! Many a times she ahs phoned while the hubby has been cooking and always asks why his wife not cooking? Such a shame that she does not realise what a great talent her son has and an enjoyable hobby it is too.

Sadly the hubby's cooking skills do not branch out into other domestic areas around the house. He has never used the vacuum, cleaned or dusted. Although as an engineer he could take the washing machine apart to fix it, but he does not have a clue how to sort washing; load a machine and put it on for a wash. He leaves towels on the bathroom floor and would never bring the washing in if it is raining unless he was asked.

But all that does not matter, for the wonderful things he can cook make up for this and besides I like doing the other domestic things. Even though now with my bad allergy to dust mites I have to dress like Darth Vader in my mask, goggles, gloves etc! I have scared the postman a few times I can tell you. 

The hubby and I make a good team. A domestic dream team. Roll on dinner time!

Evening all x x x


  1. My husband does all the cooking in our house, too. And he is fabulous. But,like yours, he doesn't do any of the other stuff. Except he does keep the kitchen clean - sort of. I sneak in when he's out and give it a proper do. But, as you say, who cares? It's worth doing the rest for the wonderful meals.

  2. I find my hubby as the habit of leaving all the cupboard doors opened! Thanks for stopping by Jenny :)