Sunday, 15 September 2013

Day 191

And back up to eight and we will say no more about thatdear Reader!

So I had a catch up on the good old Sky Plus today and one of the things I watched was the Big Reunion. If you are not in the know to what this show is about, dear Reader, it is bands from the nineties that have reformed for this television show and are going on tour. A second chance at publicity and a chance to earn big money again and possibly record new material.

But one of the things that as stood out in this programme is just how much moaning some of the band members do and how they even complain about their time in the band...hello! You have been given an amazing chance and are living a dream that a lot of young people would love to be living. No matter what happened in the past you have been given a second chance. If you lost your money you have a chance to make it all back. if you had fall outs a there is a chance to forgive and move on.

So it annoys me dear Reader, so many people without jobs and they have a wonderful opportunity and all they can do is complain! Honestly! The guy from 5ive is the worst. You know the one from Leeds. When he looks back and is older I bet he wishes he had enjoyed it more and had been grateful.

I don't know dear Reader... why do I watch such things?

Evening all x x x

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