Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Day 193

I am actually having a busy week, dear Reader, I have one of those weeks that is filled with appointments for this that and the other! So at last I am getting out of the house for a little bit anyway. Hopefully this will be able to continue as tomorrow I have my appointment with the big allergy hospital in the city. So I am really hoping they can get me sorted out and get all my allergy symptoms back under control, so I can join the land of the living again!

Hopefully by this Christmas I will have done a full circle of back to good health, after starting having bad reactions just after last Christmas so I can look forward to a healthy 2014 and be well for when I hit the big 40! I know I can get my symptoms fully under control and that I can live a normal healthy live and I will get there again. So fingers-crossed my Specialist can come up with a good solution to get stop me having bad reactions and just what could I possibly be allergic to now? That will add to my collection of triggers.

I know they will not be able to continue and pick up with the allergy test I missed last time as you have to have clear skin and be able to come off your meds for them to be done. Although I know they will be doing other tests and taking samples from me to help with the research I am taking part in. So I am probably looking at a few visits to the hospital in the next few weeks.

I am really hoping they can take me off the steroids. I did manage to come off them for around eight hours earlier this week, but then back up to eight after reacting again. So I need to be able to come off them now, tomorrow I am down to one steroid so hopefully I will be able to start my new meds straight away. But I will know more tomorrow after the appointment once I have been.

Evening all x x x

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