Saturday, 31 August 2013

Day 176

I grew up in the mid 1970s and the 1980s was good fun to post dear Reader other things that have been mentioned are, Mr Men, Top of the Pops, Ice pops, Snaps, and many more! Always nice to have a little look back isn't it, dear Reader?

One of the things we had in the 1980s was one of the very first home computers, the ZX Spectrum I think we were one of the first out of all our friends to get one in around 1982 I think it may have been and we seemed to be very popular for friends that year!

The trouble was it took ages to load and made annoying noises as it loaded. The keys were rubber and would get really hot. Sometimes you would have it set up and it would crash. It was quite a head of it's time size wise I think, it was quite small in size compared to it seemed everything else machine and techno wise was huge in the 80s. Video recorders especially.

I remember my dad buying programming books too and sitting for ages copying us a programme that we could play. Mystical Diamonds was my favourite it was a quest came that you had to complete different levels on. Then there was Horace Goes Skiing and a few English educational games my parents bought us. We would spend hours on it.

Then we moved on to the Atari 2600 games cartridges that were more fun, easier to load and play. Graphics were not all that, but it was good fun all the same. I still enjoy playing Pac-Man to this day. 

Then for a while I lost interest in computers and game consoles, until I bought my Nintendo Wii when they first came out a few years back. I managed to get in really good shape thanks to the Wii fit board and loved playing tennis and golf on there too. I have still got it. At first it was used all the tie everyday for a few years, but then time as got in the way and I just do not seem to have the time to go on it now. But I am going to make the effort for I did find it really good fun.

I also love Karaoke and that is all we use out Xbox that is downstairs for now. I am sure with it being a connect that it does many wonderful and amazing things but for us now it as become a Karaoke machine. When I see how much my teens use their Xboxes for I do feel sorry for ours.

It is surprising now how fast new and the latest thing come out compared to the 1980s. How much choice there is too. But my favourite electronic game from the 1980's would after be my Grandstand Pac-Man game, with it's tinny little tune and it's green graphics. Easy to set up too, you just plugged the Pac-Man shaped machine in the plug and away you went. I loved it.

I am going on eBay now, dear Reader to see if I can buy one!

Evening all x x x

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