Sunday, 18 August 2013

Day 163

Lazy Sunday today, dear Reader and i have been watching the television series Long Lost Family on Sky + So far the two episodes I have watched and the reunited families have all stayed in touch. I do like a happy ending.

Most of the books I read for review have happy endings, but recently I read one that had a satisfying conclusion but not a happy ending. It did make a refreshing change but I still do like my happy endings.

Back to Long Lost Family. It does surprise me how as modern as the 1960s young girls were still expected to give up their babies for adoption if they became pregnant. Hard to imagine nowadays giving your own flesh and blood away. How times have changed for the better and with the social services system things are so much easier. The stigma has now gone too of it being a shameful thing for a young girl to get pregnant out of wedlock.

Makes you think there must be thousands of people out there who do not even know they are adopted and that most likely they were loved by their natural mums who were just too young and forced to give their babies up. Or those that know they are adopted must wonder why they were put up for adoption and maybe feel rejected. When the truth is their mums were no more than children themselves.

I like to see them all reunited. I like it when it is explained the reason why they had to give up their children and that now years later they have a chance to form a close bond with their family. As long as it is a happy ending it is wonderful.

Evening all x x x

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