Monday, 19 August 2013

Day 164

Back to the dentist today, dear Reader, to have the rest of the work done on my teeth and I am quite pleased with myself another appointment had been booked for after today's. But I have managed to have all the work done in today's appointment. Which now means I do not after go back for another six months... hooray!

My appointment was at two o'clock this afternoon and I still managed to get there way too early. The dentist closes for lunch until two so I found myself on the doorstep with a woman in her sixties also waiting to be let in. The other lady waiting was very nervous and I could tell standing on that doorstep was not helping. Lots of people have the same feeling when going to the dentist I don't, but I am glad when it is all over and done with. The lady told me she had not been to the dentist for years due to her fear and was only there now because she had lost a filling... meaning pain had brought her to that dentist door.

In they typical fashion, when you are on time for an appointment they are always running late a little after two the door was opened and I heard the fantastic words 
"You can go straight in"  One hour later after another three injections, a lot of drilling and dribbling I was all fixed. Feeling like I had, had a course of botox not being able to move one side of my face off I set for the walk home.

I suddenly got a craving for sweets. A nice bag of sweets to eat on the way home. The only thing is since my allergy diagnosis sweets are off the menu. Now if I had walked the other way I pass no shops, but the way I walked I passed shop after shop that sold sweeties. I have no idea why I had such a craving with the work I just had done on my teeth it would be enough to put anyone off a sweet tooth!

Evening all x x x

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