Sunday, 11 August 2013

Day 156

Just a quiet day in today, dear Reader, to relax for the big week I have got planned. The hubby and I are just sat watching DVDs. I chose one, then he chooses one from the never ending pile we have of DVDs to watch So it is usually a really manly action film followed by a chick flick.

It is not often the hubby and I will choose a film we want to watch together so we tolerate each others little choices and surprisingly some of his films I have enjoyed. Take today for example we watched The Expendables 2 and I liked that. I think Sly Stallone may have had some work done on his face. I found his eyebrows very entertaining throughout the film!

It is the hubby's choice again now too and luckily I have my trusted Kindle on stand-by in case it is a film I will really not like, so when he gets absorbed in the film I can disappear in a good book.

That is the way to a happy marriage I think!

Evening all x x x

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