Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Day 173

Mr L is now enrolled and ready for starting college, next week, dear Reader. He had no problem with his excellent results getting the subjects he is interested in to study for A-Level. All the hard work is already paying off and doors are opening for him. Which is why I always pushed for him to get the best out of his education and made sure his schools were giving their best too.

I was one of those mum's who if I saw anything the matter with both Mr L and Miss C's education or anything that just did not seem to be right I was straight in school, never for one moment letting things slide. I made sure I was always there to take and pick up my children and I was lucky to be able to do this. So I was around and knew if there was a problem right away.

I have had many a battle with headteachers. Removed my children from a school that had an excellent reputation, but individually let us down badly. I have not listened headteachers excuses of they can do nothing to stop bad behaviour in their schools and I have taken no notice of their 
"What do you expect me to do about it?" Attitude.

I was not one of these obsessive, over protective mums and I was not in school day in day out. But with serious, sensible concerns I was straight in there. Getting straight to the point and fighting my case with a passion any mother would who cares and loves her children.

Now we have Liam's results, I know it was the right thing to do. I did the right thing. If you want to work hard and get on in schools nowadays you have to fight for it. Stand up for what is right. Many of the teachers and heads have simply given up on the cause of handling unruly pupils and bad behaviour and it is the children like Mr L who miss out. They want to go to school to learn and end up becoming human punch bags for children with no boundaries.

I strongly believe where parents fail on behaviour issues, schools should step in. Children who are not taught boundaries from parents and school have no one to tell them the difference between right and wrong and it is as simple as that, dear Reader, all these children need is to be educated on the basis of what is right and what is wrong. But I have seen it for myself no one says anything to them and they are allowed to continue the behaviour even when other children get physically hurt sometimes too.

The end result in our case? Well I think Mr L's excellent exam results says it all!

Evening all x x x

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