Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 146

Well that was another of my BRIGHT ideas, dear Reader, that was not so bright after all. If you read Day 145, you will know I now have hives all over my body due to my allergy. So after reading on the 'tinternet' what to do to get rid of this pesky rash it said to have a cold bath. Shall we use a posh word, dear Reader? 'Tepid'--a 'tepid' bath would not have been so bad, but in my desperate state to get back to normal skin I went out of my way and decided right cold it says cold it will be. Not to shock my body by stepping into a cold bath I started off with a tepid bath and just stayed in for two hours allowing the temperature to drop slowly. Well I say two hours I got in at 19:15 and decided to sit it out or lie it as this case may be, until 21:00. By 20:25 my teeth were chattering. 

I was determined this was going to get rid of these pesky hives. So stubborn that I was not moving out of that bath until I had given it time to kill and zap the hives away. So I did it over two hours in a cold bath. Putting moisturising cream on as I got out so the cold did not dry my skin. Then thinking I was in for a good night sleep I took my anti H tablet and went to bed. 

Well did it work? Am I cured of this curse of an allergy? NO! It did no take long for the itching to start. I had a really bad night and this morning the hives are still here and my skin is now sore from scratching. So I have ended up in a worse state than I was in before. 

I still find wearing clothes uncomfortable when I am home. I have taken to wearing just a vest and a towel wrapped around my waist. Well I thought buying some shorty- shorts would be a better idea. Skirts are good but they still irritate my legs, so I thought I would invest in some shorty-shorts to wear while in the house. I can hardly go around in just my pants with my teens home for the summer holidays.

So I am in shops looking all around for shorty-shorts... only I cannot find any. So the only ones I manage to find are some Playboy ones saying Beach Bum across the bottom. Now thinking these are for just wearing around the house and that at thirty-nine going out in Playboy shorts might not be suitable for my age. So I decided to buy them much to the horror of Miss C. Who deposited a lot of "OH MY GAWDS" and 
"I can't believe you are buying them." Continuing to rant all through the shop that she wanted to go home and that she will not walk or go anywhere near me if I go out in the shorts.

But I bought them and I am cool not 'COOL', dear Reader I mean I am cool--you know cool in the hope that it will drive these hot hives away. Miss C has not seen me in said shorts yet. So I am preparing for a teenage strop at any moment.

Evening all x x x

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