Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Day 158

Laying in my bed under the window, I suddenly had a strong urge... to move my bed. I just suddenly had the feeling that having our bed directly under the window was not doing my allergy any good.

So up I sprung, I can do this now I thought,. The hubby was still downstairs watching television and if he knew what I had planned he would only fuss. So downstairs I crept to get my goggles and mask that I now have to wear when I do any housework.

First step was to empty underneath the bed and that is when I discovered that the hubby had been storing computer parts. These are useless bits that he will most likely never use again. Then I got the mattress of the bed and managed to lift the frame of the bed up and on its side to move it. When I made the maneuver  I must have unplugged the router by accident, because next there was frantic knocking on my door by one of my teens 
"Come in." I said stopping with the bed frame in mid air. 
"What's happened to the router mum?" A panicked voice said looking at me standing there holding the frame. I explained what happened and as the bed was now blocking the router it would just have to wait.

Next the hubby made an appearance. Demanding to know what I was doing. Still holding the heavy frame I calmly said 
"It is not like I have asked you to do anything" as he fussed away. Well I managed to lift that heavy bed all by myself into it's new position. I made the bed and tidied up. When the hubby came back into the room. I asked him what he though. 
"Alright" he said

Yes after I lifted it all by myself and did all that work the hubby asked me just to help him  move a made bed by sliding it two inches over from were it was! It did not need lifting or anything! But being the good wife I am of course I helped!

Evening all x x x

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