Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day 152

Off to the dentist, I went today, dear Reader. I was surprisingly calm for me on such an occasion. Even though I knew I was going for treatment. I was even calm about having an injection... good job too because I ended up having three. The first two were no problem however the third which was right in the roof of my mouth that did make my eyes water.

I ended up having to have a tooth removed due to having a cyst. It amazed me how quickly after the injections you go numb and that although the mouth is numb you can actually still feel the tooth been extracted from your mouth.

I was not finished--after all that I had to have a crown fitted. I thought I had lost the tooth by grinding my teeth during the night, but it would seem it was the pesky cyst that made it fall out. You would think it would destroy and make the tooth fall out that it was growing on wouldn't you dear Reader? But no it made it's neighbour fall out.

So I am glad I have got that all over and done with. Apparently because I have been on so many steroids that is why I have not felt any pain or had any swelling. But the bad news is once the injection wears off, then I am going to feel pain... lots of pain.


Evening all x x x

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