Sunday, 25 August 2013

Day 170

Hello dear Reader, how are we today? I have had my head in a good book most of the day. I am lucky to be working for Mills & Boon now as a reviewer so I was lost in a very sexy romantic book. Well the hubby was watching the Formula 1 on the telly so what is a girl to do?

As a Pisces I am a huge romantic at heart. I love a little love! Yes I am a soppy. I also have a lovely hubby who spoils me and who I know loves me lots. I am a lucky girl to have someone in my life like him. It is good romance that sells. A good romantic story, bad love with no happy endings just would not work would it? We all love a happy ending.

I am coming up to have been married twenty years very soon, The time as gone by so fast. It only seems like yesterday I was waiting for the mother-in-law so we could get married.  But it is a joy to still be so happily married just as we were as newly weds.

You see, dear Reade,r I am grateful for what I have. I could not ask or want anymore. I am quite content with my little life, because I can be who I want and what I want to be. I am happy to be me.

The book you read certainly effects your mood!

Evening all x x x

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