Friday, 16 August 2013

Day 161

Our neighbour as invested in a new motorbike, dear Reader, and I am sure motorbikes do not have to be so loud when they are setting off anywhere. Thanks to this enormous noise I know my neighbour leaves for work every morning at 7:15 am and there is now no chance of me sleeping in. When I can eventually get back to work.

Approaching forty, I guess I should be having crazy ideas like buying a motorbike myself. But no thank you, I am happy with a new push bike. (hint hint hubby) my cousin jumped out of a plane no thank you either. I find shopping for bargains my adrenalin rush. My aunt and uncle went up in a helicopter recently... no thank you. I am like put me down when they show  birds eye shots on the television. For my gran's 70th she went up in a hot air balloon... well no thank you.

I think for my 40th I would just like to meet up with close family and friends on a nice beach... yes Scarborough that will do me!

Evening all x x x

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