Sunday, 4 August 2013

Day 148

I managed to have a lovely snooze this afternoon, dear Reader, after weeks of not sleeping. Which is a good sign. Sleep means rest and rest means time for my body to repair and mend. I hope this is the time dear, Reader, that the symptoms of my allergy are about to pack up and move away--never to return again.

I must have had a deep sleep,dear Reader, because I dreamt that my mum and step-mum were staying at my house and I was cooking them chips. When there was an really loud knock at my door. Suddenly two very heavy and tough looking guys barged in threatening my hubby. 
"What is going on?" I asked. 
"It is about the library books" said one of the heavies. 
"They are overdue and we have come to collect them."

I explained to the heavies that I had not used the library for years and had no books and after they had trashed my house looking for the books, they left. I tell you, dear Reader, I woke up in a hot sweat thinking have I got library books that I forgot to return? I really was thinking about it. Safe to say I was always good at returning books when I did use the library... phew.

Sadly our village library shut down a few years ago. We had used it regularly, it was a place I had taken the children a lot when they were small. One afternoon a week one of the librarians read stories to children and another afternoon there was a toy library, where they could borrow toys. They use to have authors visits occasionally on an evening which I attended and enjoyed. It was the place to find out what was going on in our community too.

Sadly more and more libraries are closing. It was a great place for children who had no access to books at home to get their hands on books. Every summer my children would do the reading clubs they ran. They had to get books out through the summer holidays and each time they read them and returned them they got prizes and a certificate when they had completed the task.

I am so sorry to see our libraries disappear. The words 'QUIET PLEASE' are well and truly over.

Evening all x x x

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