Saturday, 17 August 2013

Day 162

While watching the film The Magnificent Seven this afternoon, I realised that westerns are not my usual cup of tea. I was taken back down memory lane to my father's parent's house. My grandma and granddad's little bungalow, where we would all meet on Sunday afternoons. 

My grandfather T loved his television and his films and usually on a Sunday afternoon back then when there was only three channels, a film to my grandfathers taste would be on. So in that tiny room you would find it full of family members all chatting, while my poor grandad tried to watch his film on the telly dear Reader.

Oddly just thinking about it today my grandma T always had the chair most closest to the telly. When on those Sundays it would have made more sense for my grandfather to have the chair nearest the TV. I only really remember her watching The Young Doctors and we had always to be quiet when the weather report came on. Those Sundays were the only time we would see my grandfather in the house, he spent most of his time pottering about in his shed. A carpenter and gardener in his working life, he liked to spend nothing more than time in his garden growing his own vegetables.

He was naturally a very quiet man. We would be ever so chatty while that film was on and he never complained. I again do feel he would have been far more suited in the chair closer to the TV on those Sunday afternoons, but they always had set chairs did my grandparents each sitting in the same chair all the time.

I was lucky growing up they only lived down the road from me, about a few seconds walk away. Sadly my grandparents have passed and the family gatherings stopped. My dad's family is quite a large family and the only thing that kept us close was those Sunday afternoons.

I only wish my grandfather had been living in the time of DVD. So he could have stopped and re-watched his films at his leisure. I think he would have had quite a collection of DVDS ofwesterns and many other army type films.

I really miss those Sunday afternoons. I used to love going into my grandfather's shed and see what he was making, he could make anything from wood. A very clever man who just once a week liked to watch his good picture that was on that afternoon.

Evening all x x x

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