Friday, 9 August 2013

Day 153

Gone are the days, dear Reader, when I could settle my children off to bed with a bath and a goodnight story and then spend time with the hubby. Now my two teens want to go to bed later than we do. With been ill again with my skin I have become slightly distracted to when they are going to bed, so I was shocked when I got up at 2am to use the bathroom to find Miss C happily still sat up typing away on her laptop! She then slept in the next day until 2pm, only to say to the hubby who came home for work at his usual time
"Why are you home so early?" Not thinking for one moment that it was her who had slept in and had only been up a couple of hours before her dad was due home.

I managed to get straight off to sleep the other night only to be woken up at 1am in the morning by both teens been over enthusiastic and loud about YouTube. So it can not go on, dear Reader a compromise must be made. A bedtime installed. But my eldest is sixteen and now a grown up. So what do you do? He is trying hard to find summer employment so he is not just lazing around. Also he is sensible he will make sure he is going to bed early enough when he gets a job and returns to school. For Miss C howwever that is going to be difficult!

Oh how I wish The Hungry Caterpillar and the Tiger Who Came to Tea where still able to be around to help me with the bedtime blues!

Evening all x x x

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