Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Day 150

One hundred and fifty days of being thirty-nine, dear Reader, let's have cake, balloons and some party music!

Spook the cat has really taken to sitting in my seat because as soon as I move (see Day 149) she is currently circling the coffee table near my spot, tail up and looking like a shark's fin as she is holding out for me to move so she can nick my seat. Well she can keep patrolling up and down because I ain't moving!

Tomorrow I am going to the hairdresser so it means I am going to have to try out my new shampoo. It is an organic one with no chemicals so I should be okay with it. Well I hope I am because things were getting really desperate on the shampoo front. I was really running out of ideas what to try next. So wish me luck, dear Reader, lets hope this is the one.

Evening all x x x


  1. Hope the shampoo works - you are a bit prone to things not working. Hahahaha... 39 - what are you LIKE - a mere baby!! (I'm 63)

  2. Thanks Carol! I think it is been stuck in sending me stir crazy!