Monday, 26 August 2013

Day 171

Just when things are going so well there is always something or someone who goes and spoils it isn't there dear Reader? Well as you know all was going really well with my allergy and I had got down to two steroids, when last night in bed I only go and react again don't I? This time it was so bad I had to have an ambulance and be treated at home before they admitted me to hospital. I did think I might be about to depart this earth for little while. It was my blood pressure that kept dropping rapidly that gave me the worst feeling, nothing worse than that awful fainting feeling that happens just before you lose conscious.

I have to say the ambulance was here within five minutes stopping me from crashing and Paula the Paramedic was wonderful and had me a line and drain in without me feeling a thing. Then off to hospital and as soon as I received medication I started to feel much better. It is as fast as that and with it going through the vein even faster. Then once booked in hospital I was seen by the doctor straight away, which considering the hospital was very busy last night because this weekend it has been the big Creamfields event. Then more drugs through the vein and in over night for observation and until the swelling had gone down.

Like I have talked about on here before. Last January I was due to have more of the patch allergy tests to find more triggers, but although I didn't make the appointment due to circumstances completely out of my control my blood pressure was made to go up and I become too unwell to have the tests. Which means that on the NHS you then have to wait almost twelve months for another appointment. I could afford to go private but with the unnecessary stress I was put under I have not had clear skin since then and need clear or a patch of clear skin for the tests to be done. So I have had to go on like this for the past seven months and my skin has been so painful at times. It is annoying that I could have known what this new thing is the thing that caused this last night and knowing this at the time I did get cross and I lost my temper badly with the people responsible. I just wish people would understand how serious it is for me and how important it is or was for me to find my triggers--I could die I am not being dramatic I am just stating a fact. It was just so unnecessary and uncalled for. When people are in hospital, they need to get on and get tested.

So back up to eight a day on the steroids. Hopefully my appointment will be pushed forward and my skin clears, and I will soon know what it is. I have tried and tried to think what the trigger is but it really has me riddled ...literally!

Evening all x x x


  1. awwww Nikki!!! Oh my goodness! What a horrible time! Sending lots of get well hugs and best wishes your way. Really hope the doctors can get this sorted for you asap. xxxx

  2. Thanks JB now I have had meds I am feeling much, much better. It is a scary thing to happen and I hope to find out what this trigger is really soon, then like with all the other ones I can just avoid it and have my life back! :) x x

  3. awwww Nikki, I do hope you get sorted soon. I'm also waiting for treatment but my problem is not as bad as yours, I'm not going to die from an impacted wisdom tooth! Us normal people don't realise what it is like for people with bad allergies. Take care of yourself - selfish it may be, but I don't want to loose my number one fan!! ;-) xx

  4. Oh but tooth ache is the worst pain. Poor you. I hope you get it sorted really soon x x x Thanks x x x

  5. Yep it was Feb I went to the hospital thanks not Jan. Steroids make my brain mater rot lol x